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YFA 777



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This film follows the activities of Lord Mayor of Bradford, Alderman Cecil Barnett, between 1944 and 1945.  It includes views of Churchill visiting Bradford and wartime agricultural activities.

The film opens with a Police Government Inspection Parade in Peel Park.  Government Inspector; Sir Frank Brook.  Mayor and dignitaries salute as the parade is carried out.  The Police Band is also featured.

Next crowds are gathered in the streets of Bradford city centre.  Churchill is driven through the streets during which time he stands in his vehicle and waves to the crowds.  He then gets out to sign a book outside the Town Hall, and he greets the Mayor.  After which, he returns to his vehicle and continues through the crowd while making the 'V for Victory' sign.  The crowds then disperse.

A cadet parade through Bradford follows after the raising of the Drumhead flag.  The services involved are sea cadets, army cadets and air force cadets.  There are interior shots of a table dressed for dinner and the waiting staff.  Dignitaries board buses outside the North Eastern Station.  They are taken on a tour of local industry (Elmsley and Collins Co. Ltd) and the market.  A butcher and other workers pose for the camera.

Sign – National Camps Corporation – Linton Camp

This is followed by scenes of the camp.  A small boy smiles as he is wearing the Mayor’s chain, and later, the Mayor and Lady Mayoress put on their chains.  Some of the boys swim and dive into an outdoor pool.  Finally the Mayor and his party tour other buildings at the camp including the boys’ sleeping facilities. 

The film then moves onto show farming visits.  There are good views of ploughs, tractors, and other farm machinery at work as well as a sack of grain.  A truck with trailer arrives carrying the Mayoral Party who is seated on hay bails.  Tomato plants can be seen as well as the farm cottage.  And after the visit, the party leaves by both car and bus. 

Land girls pose to camera, and there is more footage showing views of farm machinery at work.  A bus passes through a ford, and a lady chats to a German Prisoner of War.  Labourers work on the farm, and there is machinery in operation including a hay bailer and a crawler tractor ploughing.  There is a view of a drainage dyke and a head of celery before a plane flies over head.  A map displays the route of the visit, and on the map, various destinations are marked.  Vegetables and other farm produce, including tomatoes and flowers, are laid out on tables.

The Mayoral Party is at the station, and they board a train. Crowds are outside Sharp’s flooring store in Newcastle, where a sign reads “Lino – a small quota permit free.” Exterior shots of rain soaked streets are followed by buses, trams, and other traffic including a horse and cart passing through Newcastle city centre.   The streets are around Market St. and Grainger St. - at the top of this street is the column known as Grey's Monument, with a statue of Earl Grey on top, with its head missing . There are crowds in the market, the Nelson Street sign, next to the indoor Grainger Market, and two ladies carrying a roll of lino away from Sharp’s shop. 

The film ends with a brief scene of a football match – Bradford City vs. Huddersfield.  The teams come onto the pitch, and there are brief shots of the game.