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YFA 776



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This film contains footage from part one of a chronicle of the activities of Alderman Cecil Barnett, the Lord Mayor of Bradford.  The film was taken between 1944 and 1945 and includes footage of Holidays at Home events and a gymkhana at Odsal stadium.  

The film opens with shots of the Lord Mayor on a visit to a village near the city, where land girls are at work. Following this are shots of his visit to a 'Holidays at Home' event at Lister Park, in Bradford.

The film shows the Town Hall in the centre of Bradford where a woman and little girl look up at an illuminated sign of the Crown and the date 1939-1945 which is hung from the building.

Title-Farm Sunday at Tong.

A black car pulls up outside Tong Hall and the Mayor and Mayoress get out and talk to some priests. Then there is a shot from the point-of-view of the driver as the car goes up a long driveway towards the main building.

Inside, the Mayor and other dignitaries have a meal in a big dining room and afterwards two of the women sit on a bench outside and joke. There are several shots of all of the guests walking around the gardens looking at the pond. They all take a walk along the village road and into St James Parish Church and afterwards they visit a local farm.

Title-Blessing the Land.

The Vicar performs a blessing ceremony at the farm. Some land-girls pick crops as the Mayoral party talk.

The Mayoral party then goes to a local tea party where the Lord Mayor drinks a cup of tea and chats to the vicar. They go through the village led by a verger who carries a large cross. Back at the farm the Mayor poses with some land girls and then helps to do some weeding. He then returns to the farmhouse.

We see more activities at the farm; a woman carries a milk-churn, whilst on the fields the land-girls continue to work. The Mayor poses with a group of them and everybody takes refreshments at the farmhouse. The dignitaries then leave in cars and the land-girls wave them off.

The next scene takes place at Odsal Stadium in Bradford where a gymkhana is taking place. The winning riders receive prizes from the Mayor. Following this are shots of an athletics event that is being held at Horsfall playing fields near Bradford; there are many events and races being held. The Mayor presents a boy and girl with a prize before making a speech.

At Lister Park, children and adults take rides on a model steam train and laugh and smile at the camera. A lady hands out ice cream wafers to a large crowd of children and mothers with prams. Then there are shots of the boating lake which is full of children in rowing boats. Elsewhere a brass band is playing on the band-stand. The film closes with the Lord Mayor giving a speech to the crowd and shots of the banners show that the event is sponsored by the Daily Herald.