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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club super eight group, now known as Leeds Movie Makers, of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. As well as showing the Parade go through Leeds, there is also a fashion show and Miss Metro Competition at the Ritzy Night Club, the award reception in the Civic Hall and the Lord Mayor's Charity Concert.

Title - Leeds Movie Makers Present
The eleventh - Leeds Lord Mayor's Parade. Theme: Leeds Past and Present
Organised by Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce
Thank you to Sponsors

The film begins with the Lord Mayor waving at the Parade as it passes the steps of the Civic Hall, with the Lord Mayor recounting the day. It then moves to an organising meeting of the Lord Mayor's Parade by Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce. John Appleyard provides an overview of the purpose of the Parade.

At the Ritzy Night Club, where the Miss Metro Competition is being held, there is a fashion show. A man presents the sponsors, and judges, for the show. Some of the competitors for the Miss Metro Competition are interviewed. The first three come to the stage to receive their prizes, with the winner being Tina Wilson. Tina then narrates the rest of the film. She, along with the other entrants to Miss Metro, hands out publicity flyers in the city centre.

The Lord Mayor arrives at Woodhouse Moor at the start of the Parade on the 23rd June. He is introduced to the organisers. The Lord Mayor then takes a walk around meeting people, and going on a ride. He is interviewed by a black journalist from Radio Leeds before carrying on and joking with some of the participants. Tina Wilson, Miss Metro, in her fox fur prize, is interviewed, followed by an interview with Mr Pearce, the Chairman of the Parade Committee, who lists the charities who are benefitting this year. Then three of the sponsors are interviewed.

The Lord Mayor heads the Parade as it moves off in a vintage car. He is followed by Miss Metre, Reed School of Motoring, Marks and spencer's, sponsoring it for the first time on their Centenary. Those sat on the grass verges are asked for donations. The Parade passes down Briggate, with crowds looking on from the sides. The film captures all the sounds of the Parade and the spectators. There are impressive marionettes and marching bands. The East End School float passes by.

The Lord Mayor arrives at the Civic Hall, and the judges take their seats to watch the Parade go by. One float has the theme of the 'Good Old Days'; others are for Kingston Unity Friendly Society, raising money for a kidney machine, Radio Aire, and one with women in Leeds United kit with the words 'ex players . . .' . More floats include Leeds Girl Guides and Brownies, the British Legion, and one for 'Leeds benefits through the years' and many other colourful floats.

Later in the evening the guests are chatting at the reception in the Civic Hall. The toastmaster announces the Lord Mayor, Douglas Ernest Gabb, who makes a speech. The President of the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce "responds". The trophies are presented to the winners. The first award goes to the Sherburn-in-Elmet Scouts, followed by the Morley cubs getting a Certificate of Merit. The Sherburn-in-Elmet Scouts win another award. The Lord Mayor's Award, again, goes to The Sherburn-in-Elmet Scouts. Mr Pearce, the Chairman of the Parade Committee, makes a closing speech thanking everyone.

Intertitle - The Lord Mayor's Charity Concert

Guests are seated at Leeds Town Hall for the concert, starting with the John Brown Jazz Orchestra, followed by a group of women singers, the Harehills Youth Dance Theatre, a busker's competition, with some dancing in the aisles. The Lord Mayor gives a speech, followed by more speeches and presentations of cheques to the recipient charities. The winner of the busker's competition is Ken Eagleton, with his spoons. The evening finishes with the Yorkshire Evening Post Band conducted by their Director Malcolm Simpson.

The End