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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. As well as showing the Parade assemble and go through Leeds, there is also a fashion show and Miss Metro Competition at the Ritzy Night Club.

The animated title is assembled out of musical notations:
Sing a Song of Leeds, Lord Mayor's Parade, July 1983, organised by Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce in association with Radio Aire.
Commentary, Andrea Olsen

The film begins with the Lord Mayor being interviewed at Woodhouse Moor at the start of the Parade. The film then switches to a function at the Ritzy Night Club on the evening of Wednesday June 15th with the Lord Mayor, where the Miss Metro Competition is being held. Before this there is a fashion show to the sound of disco music. A man introduces the VIP guests who are sponsoring the event and providing the prizes. 40 contestants, out of an original 120 entrees, parade on the stage. Some of them are interviewed on stage about their hobbies. These are then whittled down to 7. The female narrator gives an account of what the contestants are going through. The top three winners are read out. The winner turns out to be the narrator, Andrea Olsen. She is interviewed before posing for the cameras with the Lord Mayor. One of the organisers is interviewed, and he explains that the theme of the show for that year is 'Sing a Song of Leeds', meaning that the float entrants should sing their own praises. He also states who the four charities to benefit from the proceeds will be. He states that there are 56 floats, 6 bands and 6 marches and majorettes.

The Mayor takes a tour of the floats, having a drink of milk on the way. Organisers are out giving out flyers and collecting money. The Mayor gets into a vintage open top car and is driven off, followed by Andrea Olsen in an open top Rolls Royce, and then the parade itself. Spectators sit on a grassy bank watching it go by. Crowds throng the city centre streets waiting for the Parade to appear. One of the participants gives out balloons to the children watching. Majorettes and a brass band pass by in front of Woolworth's.

Among the floats are ones for Leeds Hospital Fund and St John Ambulance. The Lord Mayor gets off at the Civic Hall and sits on a chair waiting for the Parade to pass. He is joined by Andrea Olsen and a line of judges waiting with pen and paper to mark the floats as they pass. There are floats promoting milk and for the Girl Guides, followed by Pudsey motorcycle club led by several BMW boxer twins. Many more floats follow, including one for Opera North and East End Park School P.T.A..

Later in the evening the guests are chatting at the reception in the Civic Hall. The toastmaster announces the arrival of the Lord Mayor, Martin J Dodgson, who makes a speech before being cut off as the film comes to an end.