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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. This film covers the Parade making its way through Leeds, and the Presentation of Awards Ceremony, with interviews and commentary.

The film opens with the Hoylandaires Majorettes going through their routine on Woodhouse Moor.

Title - Leeds Cine Club Present - The Annual Lord Mayor's Parade 1982
Arranged by Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce

The organiser of the Midland Bank presentation, Ian, is interviewed by Christine Ward underneath an umbrella. He explains that those involved are all volunteers. Another group of women participants are interviewed, and complain about the cold. Then Len Thorpe, the Chairman of the Lord Mayor's Parade Commission, is interviewed. He explains all that is involved in putting on the Parade, and who the charities are that will be benefiting. Then Christine Ward interviews Mike Beverley, President of Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Out in the city centre a collector dressed in a rabbit's costume is collecting from children. Meanwhile, the Hoylandaires Majorettes lead the Parade out of Woodhouse Moor, followed by many floats, including ones for Leeds Hospital Fund and for Jesus. The Lord Mayor goes past waving from his vintage car, followed by Leeds Younger Disabled Unit and collectors dressed in animal costumes. There is a bus for the Samaritans and lots of waving from those on the Rumbelow's float. There is dancing behind a banner for Leeds West Indian and Trinidad Association, and children are crowded onto a float for East End Park School, followed by the Sherburn-in-Elmet Brownies float, the Highland band and more floats and majorettes. One of the other cine club members films the cameraman filming. One float is for 'Children of the World', followed by an impressive oriental float. The Parade passes down Briggate. A traditional jazz band plays as it walks along next to Radio Leeds. The cameraman walks along filming the watching spectators. The British Legion marches past.

The Lord Mayor, Doreen Jenner, arrives at the Civic Hall. Stood behind the Lord Mayor and the Mace Bearer are journalists broadcasting for Radio Leeds, one of whom tries to get a few words from the Lord Mayor. The judges are also sat there making notes on the floats as they pass.

At the Presentation of Awards Ceremony cheques are presented to the benefitting charities. Miss Metro, Andrea Blakely, presents the Peter Noble Award, and then other awards are presented. The winner of the Lord Mayor's Award goes to the Sherburn-in-Elmet Brownies, for the second year running, again received by Brown Owl Alma Hodgson.

Title - The Movie Makers were:
Hayden Borthwick, Janet Farish, Syd Lythe, Dave Morton, Harry Nicholls, Jim Payne, Bill Sibley, David Smith, Arthur Steeles, Doreen Wood
Commentary by Christine Ward

The Whole World in Leeds

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