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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. This film covers the assembling on Woodhouse Moor, the Parade making its way through Leeds, and the Presentation of Awards Ceremony, with commentary.

Title - Leeds Cine Club Present - The Annual Lord Mayor's Parade
Arranged by Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce
Leeds through the Looking Glass

At the Rockerfellas Club in Leeds, where the Miss Metro Competition is taking place, the guests are up dancing, including last year's winner, Catherine Pearson, and the Lord Mayor. The contestants line up ready to go on the stage as the first three are announced. Third is Angela Norton, second, Andrea Deakin, receiving a fur coat, and the winner, Janet Stelling. The three pose for photographers.

On Saturday June 20th the floats assemble on Woodhouse Moor, with Noddy and Big Ears among the first to check in. The organisers make sure that they line up in the correct order. Janet, the winner of this year's Metro Girl Competition, is interviewed. Participants arrive in their costumes. Jack Stringer, the President of the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce, is interviewed. He lists the four charities to benefit from this year's Parade. Sherries are given to the VIPs. The Chairman of the Lord Mayor's Committee, Sally Cahill, is interviewed. The Lord Mayor, Patrick Crotty, walks around looking at the floats and meeting participants. A small girl majorette practices throwing and catching her baton. The Lord Mayor is interviewed.

The Highland Band leads off with the Lord Mayor behind. It starts to drizzle and many have umbrellas. An old coach carries children dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters. Another, raising money for a kidney machine, has leprechauns. Men dressed as nurses push a bed to get sponsors for Wheatfields. A small black girl has a big smile as the Treasure Island float approaches. More impressive floats, marching bands and majorettes follow. The Parade passes over the inner ring road and down Briggate. One float is for spina bifida, another has Wonder Woman, eliciting a typical sexist remark from the commentary. Honley Drum Majorettes are followed by an Afro-Caribbean float.

The Parade, including Carcroft Happy Wanderers majorettes, passes down Duncan Street. There is a float for Leeds Younger Disabled Unit and Worsbrough Majorettes. One of the Metro Girls is collecting holding an umbrella as they pass Woolworth's on Briggate. Children wave Union Jacks from the side. One small girl on a float has a big yawn. The Civic Theatre floats re-enacts the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. One small boy stands on top of an electricity box to get a better view. Someone puts a sticker on the camera lens. A small Asian girl looks on intently.

The Lord Mayor arrives in the rain at the Civic Hall to watch the Parade go by, including floats for Leeds Hospital Fund, Leeds Kidney Machine Fund, and one for 'Riding for the Disabled'. The commentator notes that 1981 is International Year for the Disabled, and that there is an emphasis on work done by and for disabled people. After the Leeds Child-minder's Association float goes by a small girl majorette is clearly getting a bit fed up. Leeds Baptists are having a dance on their float. The Radio Leeds breakdown gang doing running 'repairs' to a car, followed by Leeds Younger Disabled Unit, a float with a pirate ship having someone filming with a cine camera, and Leeds Laser Appeal. The Irish Centre float just has lots of waving children.

At the Presentation of Awards Ceremony the Lord Mayor makes a humorous speech and presents the trophies to the winners, who are read out, showing each of the winners, in turn, as they are on the Parade. The winner of the Lord Mayor's Award goes to the Sherburn-in-Elmet Brownies, being received by Brown Owl Alma Hodgson.

Title - The Movie Makers were:
Camera: Janet Farish, Arthur Steeles, Bill Sibley, Harry Nicholls, Alan M. Abbott, Hayden Borthwick, Charles Edwards, Doris Lythe, Doreen Wood, Syd Lythe, Jean Goodwin, Norma Goodwin, David Morton, David Shinn.
Commentary by Syd Lythe

The End