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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. As well as showing the Parade assemble and go through Leeds, there is also the Miss Metro Competition at the Rockerfellas Club and the presentation of awards at the evening reception at the Civic Hall. With 70s pop music in the background.

Title - Leeds Cine Club

At the Rockerfellas Club in Leeds the Lord Mayor and other dignitaries sit at a table ready to judge the 43 contenders for the Leeds Miss Metro. The contestants line up on the stage holding up their numbers. The three first placed come forward, with the winner Evette Stevenson. A week before the Parade the young women promoters get set to go out onto the streets in the pouring rain to hand out flyers.

Title - Leeds into the 80's, The Annual Lord Mayor's Parade
Arranged by the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce

On an overcast day, the participants are arriving and getting prepared on Woodhouse Moor. One group, from Friends of PHAB (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied), are dressed up as characters from Star Wars. Dave Morton interviews Dave Dobson from Radio Leeds. One of the organisers, Jack Stringer, is interviewed by Jean Goodwin of Leeds Cine Club. He tells her that the theme is 'Into the 80's', that there are 65 floats and he names the three charities to benefit: the British Legion, MIND and the Kidney Research Foundation. MIND workers are shown making the flower decorations for their float. A brass band plays in the city centre while people hand out flyers. Jean Goodwin then interviews the President of the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Finishing touches are being made to the floats, including one for the Irish Centre. Jean Goodwin then interviews the Lord Mayor, Eric Atkinson. The Parade gets underway, headed by a band and followed by the Lord Mayor in a vintage car, Miss Metro and a Highland Band. Last year's Lord Mayor, Christine Thomas, is out collecting among the onlookers. Among the floats is one for Armley Visitors Centre. Some women are decorating a large steam engine float for Lewis's. This is followed by several teams of majorettes, the Boys Brigade and the Children's Theatre. Despite the wet weather, people have turned out to watch the Parade go by. The narrator reads out where the ten groups of majorettes have come from, followed by the marching bands. The film shows the children on the Parade and those watching from the pavement.

The Parade is filmed from above, showing some impressive floats, like that of Leeds Health, with a large model of a body scanner, a float depicting a scene from the story of the mythological Norse god Odin, and a model of the Starship Enterprise. Someone else is shown filming on top of one of the floats. Others follow, including the float for MIND, Leeds Laser Appeal and unicef. The Parade proceeds past the Corn Exchange into Briggate and the Headrow, and past the Lord Mayor stood on the steps of the Civic Hall. They watch the Radio Leeds float go by with Simon Peters and Trevor Hewlitt, Leeds Baptists and other floats having a space theme. One float with a large white swan model has written on it, 'think peace and see it happen'.

The trophies are on display at the evening reception at the Civic Hall, which the Mayor will present to the winners. The Jackson trophy for the best float goes to that from the Irish Centre; The Goodwin Award goes to the Trustees Savings Bank; Sherburn-in-Elmet Scout Group take the Peter Noble Award for their Odin float, the UDT Award goes to Leeds Health, Macro win the Leeds Chamber Award for originality (Starship Enterprise), the Leeds Junior Chamber Trophy goes to the Leeds and District Work Peoples' Hospital Fund, and the overall winners of the Lord Mayor's Award goes to Lewis's(model steam locomotive). Each of these floats is shown again, in turn, as they are on the Parade.

Title - Camera - Alan Abbott, Hayden Borthwick, Chris Edwards, Janice Farish, Jim Payne, Bill Sibley, Janice Morton, Bill Morton, Arthur Steels.
Sound - Jean Goodwin, Norman Goodwin.
Commentary - Chris Hawksworth, Radio Leeds
Producer - Dave Morton

The End