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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. This film covers the assembling on Woodhouse Moor, the Parade making its way through Leeds, and the Presentation of Awards Ceremony, with commentary.

Title - Leeds Cine Club Present -

The Junior Chamber of Commerce are making final preparations for the Lord Mayor's Parade, with maps of Woodhouse Moor and the route. One member leafs through the entries. Then at the Rockerfellas Club in Leeds, on Tuesday 5th June, there is the Leeds Miss Metro Competition. The twenty contestants line up on the stage holding up their numbers, whilst the judges ruminate. The three who come top are presented with their prizes, with Catherine Pearson, the winner, receiving a fur coat.

The Metro girls meet up to promote the Parade a week beforehand. They emerge in a line at the top of the steps of the Merrion Centre where they kick their legs up in unison, in Tiller Girls fashion. They hand out flyers to shoppers in Leeds city centre.

Title - The Year of the Child, 1979: The Annual Lord Mayor's Parade
Arranged by Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce

On Saturday June 23rd, the floats assemble on Woodhouse Moor. Roger Shirley, of the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Parade Chairman, is interviewed about the Parade for that year, stating that there are 52 entries and noting the three charities that will benefit from the collections. The floats reflect the theme of the Parade: The Year of the Child. A child in a wheelchair is lifted onto the PHAB (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) float. A girl lies asleep on the float for 'Buzby'. The Littlewoods Stores float is a large model car with children's characters. Some participants in historical costume are larking about. The award winning Lewis's float is again impressive.

Heather, the winner of this year's Metro Girl Competition, is interviewed. Some of the 420 collectors are out in the city centre collecting money. Dorothy Whitelock of the Leeds City float is interviewed. The float has the theme of 'the World of the Child', made by children themselves. Children clamber aboard the float with its cartoon characters. Two men holding cine cameras stand in front of one of the drays.

The Lord Mayor, Christine Mary Thomas, is interviewed. She states that she is not one of the judges, and that the judging this year is being done while the Parade is taking place, rather than beforehand. The Parade sets off led by a group of children, followed by the Lord Mayor in a horse drawn carriage, and then Miss Metro in an open top Rolls Royce. Floats follow, including the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce with the Metro Girls, and Holmfirth Goldengirls Majorettes. Children stand and watch from the side. The highland band goes past and more majorettes. There is a float for the Pre-school Playground Association.

The Parade passes in front of the Corn Exchange. A collector pushing a pram goes around the crowd with a collecting tin. One old vehicle is for the 'L.J.C.C. Wives group'. A small girl waves at the passing floats, including Leeds Rugby League. There is a bus for Leeds Children's Holiday Camp Association. The Moorend Jazz Band has a very small girl as a baton carrying majorette. As it starts to rain the Parade passes Lewis's store.

The Lord Mayor arrives at the Civic Hall and watches the Parade go by. At the Presentation of Awards Ceremony the Lord Mayor makes a speech and presents the trophies to the winners, who are read out; showing each of the winners, in turn, as they are on the Parade. The winner of the Lord Mayor's Award goes, again, to the Irish Centre.

Title - The Movie Makers were:
Alan M. Abbott, Doris Lythe, Doreen Wood, Syd Lythes, Paul Pozzana, Bill Sibley, Charles Edwards, Arthur Steeles, Jim Smithin, David Morton, David Wells

Commentary by Chris Hawksworth, Radio Leeds

The End