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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. This Parade marks the 350th anniversary of the granting of a Charter for the Leeds. As well as showing the Parade assemble and go through Leeds, there are also interviews with participants and the award ceremony.

Title - Leeds on Parade, celebrating the 350th anniversary of the granting of a Charter for the Leeds
Produced for Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce by Leeds Cine Club Members

Lots of people are arriving at Woodhouse Moor for the start of the Lord Mayor's Parade. The narrator provides a history of Leeds being granted its first charter, and of what this entitled. A steam engine (51218) is being polished as it sits on the back of an articulated lorry. Other floats being prepared include the Methodist Association, one for Heinz, and the Foster Care Association. A white car is decorated for the 'Little London Queen'. More floats are for 'Drink a pint of milk a day', Yellow Pages and Ladbrokes. One of the organisers for the Little London Primary School float is interviewed. The children are dressed as Wombles. One of the participants on the Yorkshire Electricity Board float is interviewed. A float for Social Services has a boat named 'Citizenship'. A member from the St John Ambulance float is interviewed. The theme of their float is to encourage people to learn first aid in preparation for possible road accidents.

The floats are shown close up, one for Negas with a Dracula theme. There are more interviews. A group dressed as American Indians do a war dance. The narrator announces that the three appointed adjudicators are: Lord Mayor, Councillor Herbert Morris, Mr Richard Jackson, Chairman of the Junior Chamber Committee, and Miss Metro, Judith Utley. Among the floats being marked by the judges is one for the United Nations. Mr John Watson, President of Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce, presents the prizes. The winner of the Goodwin Award is Asda. The other awards are read out. The Parade finally makes its way off, with an Afro-Caribbean steel drum band playing. There is a Highland band followed by marchers dressed as cavaliers.

In the city centre one of the spectators is interviewed. The Parade goes through the city centre, and the watching crowds are filmed from the float carrying the steel band. The Lord Mayor goes past in his white Rolls Royce. The Midland Bank float has a giant egg hatching. Among the marchers is the 'Carefree Jazz Band'. There are many floats as the Parade passes in front of the Civic Hall. Later in the evening the Lord Mayor makes a speech at the reception in the Civic Hall, and there are more awards presented, including one for Leeds Foster Care Association. St. Camillus School wins an award for the most original entry. Mr Richard Jackson makes a speech and presents Judith Utley with a birthday bouquet of flowers. The vicar from Leeds Parish Church gives thanks for all the cheques that have been received by the various charities, and the film comes to an end.

There is a long list of acknowledgements, followed by cuttings from the local press. Then there is a list of all the charities that have benefited.

Title - The End