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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. This film covers the Parade assembling on Woodhouse Moor and making its way through Leeds and back again, and the evening reception at the Civic Hall.

Title - Leeds Communicates '74
Filmed by Leeds Cine Club
There is a Union Jack overlaid with a coat of arms with an owl and the letters JCI

The film begins at Woodhouse Moor where the floats are being prepared for the Parade. Some children stroke the heavy horses for the Tetley dray. Among the floats are ones for Marks and Spencer and Midland Bank. There is also a dray for Samuel Smiths. The organisers have Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce high visibility vests. Other floats include Headingley Amateur Operatic Society, with the members dressed as characters from the Merry Widow. The judges go around marking the floats. The Mayoress, Jean de Carteret, is escorted out of the Civic Hall to the waiting car and is driven to Woodhouse Moor, where there is a crowd of onlookers, including someone filming with a cine camera.

The Parade sets off headed by a highland band, followed by the Mayoress and Miss Metro, the Salvation Army Band, the Tetley dray, the Boy's Brigade band, British Postal Services, and the Royal Marines. The Parade makes its way out of Woodhouse Moor with many spectators watching from the side. Miss Leeds is accompanied on her float by a traditional Jazz band. The Parade goes through the city centre, with floats for Leeds General Infirmary, Yorkshire Bank, Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Community Education. There are close-ups of the spectators. Small children stand watching holding Union Jacks. There are floats for an Afro-Caribbean steel band and the PDSA. The Mayoress watches from the steps of the Civic Hall as the Parade goes past, including a baby elephant. There are more children with Union Jacks and with bunches of flowers.

At the end a white shire horse is lead back into its travelling van, and there is litter on the ground. At the evening reception at the Civic Hall the Mayoress and other dignitaries welcome guests. Prizes are given out by the Mayoress.

Title - The End