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YFA 4153



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This film contains footage of an Asian event which is held in St. George's Hall in Bradford. There is a mixture of Indian dancing, singing and music.

This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection which spans the period from 1920 until 2009. The collection includes films with many different topics including industrial documentaries, local events, educational and amateur titles and some of the Wood family home movies. The majority of the films were made by Harold Wood and his son David Wood who were both involved in the running of the film and photography company C.H. Wood.

The film starts with two Indian men in suits chatting and walking along beside a river, possibly the Seine as there are bateau mouche-style boats on the water. Then there is a shot of the two men and another man with a turban and another woman. The first man walks down some steps and towards the camera. An older Indian man smiles at the camera and walks down the pavement towards the camera.

There are shots of a town centre with people all around walking and cycling and then shots of the bateau mouche-style boats.

The next few shots have been sped up quite a bit and are of a belly dancer and a band.

In the next scene the Lord Mayor makes a speech at the Asian event. There are other dignitaries sitting beside him and there is a large Indian audience listening to him, they clap at this speech.

A group of Indian men play some instruments on the stage and there is a brief shot of some men in the balcony.

An Indian woman (Anjum Malik) does a traditional dance in a costume and then a male singer comes on stage. A man from the audience walks up onto the stage and adds money to a small pile that is on stage. There is another shot of the singer and another audience member comes up on stage and hands him money.

There are more shots of the families in the audience, a magician act and the female dancer does another dance, this time in a different costume. She is accompanied by the male singer and the band.

As the audience files out of the hall at the end of the event, many of them stare at the camera.