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YFA 1697



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As part of the C.H. Wood collection, this film is one of several films that shows regeneration projects that have been carried out in several parts of Bradford in West Yorkshire. The film contains footage of the housing estates before, during and after construction.

Title-City of Bradford City Engineer and Surveyor's Department presents

Title-Looking to the Future.

Title-Estates planned and dwellings designed by the City Engineer and Surveyor and his staff.

Title-Photographed by F.G. Dewhirst and C.H. Wood

Title-Under the direction of S.G. Wardley B.Sc (Hons.), M.I.C.E., M.I.Mun. E., who also prepared and spoke the commentary.

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

The voiceover begins by saying that the housing shortage in Bradford was due to a halt in construction after the war. There are shots of wide open areas of land around Bradford as well as the old town houses that are built right on top of each other.

The film continues on to show the housing problems in Bradford will be solved with the construction of large new estates to replace the slums. There are shots of slums and the construction of modern housing estates on several large estates including: the Holmewood Estate, the Woodside Estate, the Parkside Estate, the Summerbridge Estate and the Thorpe Edge Estate, which is the largest of its kind covering 200 acres.

The commentary describes the construction of each housing estate, listing the various types of accommodation that have been built as well as talking about the local facilities, playgrounds and shops. This section ends with many shots of adults and children walking, playing and sitting in the streets and park areas in the various housing estates.

There are shots of York House in the next section. The voiceover talks about the eight-storey block of flats, which have great views out over the rest of the estate as countryside. There are shots taken from a top balcony looking down, as well as shots of adults and children walking around the shopping area. A boy waves from the balcony of one of the top flats to friends below.

The following section begins with shots of the countryside surrounding the estates and this is accompanied by the voiceover commenting on the safe and generous space on the estates, which can be enjoyed by children and also provide a healthy environment. There are more shots of the area.

Title-The new suburban community at Thorpe Edge

The voice over continues on to say that Thorpe Edge also looks after the older residents as bungalows and a recreation centre have been built in order to provide more suitable housing and a social space for them.

There are shots of local children playing on a street corner and then some shots of empty land on the Holmewood Estate. The voice over informs us that this land will soon have many houses constructed on it and that it will be another great place to live.

Title-The End

A C. H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd Production.