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YFA 2152



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This film contains footage of many different types of boats which can be found along the river ways and in the harbours of England.

Title - NJK Films Present
A Documentary
Looking at Boats

The film opens with a shot of a river which runs near a country road. There is a small weir and a little white footbridge. There are many shots of the fast-flowing river, and some boats can be seen moored on the side, possibly at Naburn boat yard. There is a man wearing overalls, climbing down from his boat. It is on dry land. He climbs up a ladder and inspects the structure of the boat in the low winter sunlight.

Next, there are shots of the river with four small pleasure craft moored to posts. Boats then cruise past along the river, and there is good footage of the many bats. The film continues to examine the boats on dry mooring, and there are various different types of small privately owned pleasure boats as well as riverside moorings. One of the boats has a sign - Another Seamaster Cruiser by Seamaster Ltd Great Dunmow Essex.

The next shot is taken in Whitby and is of a steam tug pulling another small craft. The harbour wall can be seen in the background. The boat has a large capital R on its red funnel. There are shots of a flock of seagulls following a boat including a close up of one on a mast. A fishing boat leaves harbour, and there are many other boats and barges. Now out at sea, a battleship and a large container ship can be seen.

Title - The End