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NEFA 22296



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Amateur film by Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association member S. J. Rosslyn Smith documenting one of the joyful street parties in Newcastle upon Tyne celebrating the coronation of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon as King and Queen of the United Kingdom on 12 May 1937.

Title: Looking Back

A patriotic Coronation street party takes place in Newcastle. Group portrait of women seated at a long communal trestle table laid out for a special Coronation tea, several men including the local vicar standing at the far end. Most of the women are wearing red, white and blue party hats and rosettes.

A young man holds the reins of a pony driven replica royal carriage.

At another table children excitedly open their specially printed goody bags containing Coronation memorabilia, cakes and buns. Some wear conical Union Jack hats. Some boys are more interested in the cameraman. 

A portrait shot follows of a couple wearing Union Jack rosettes, larking around with the man's top hat and cuddling.  

Some of the children at the street party tea fiddle with their hats and look at each other's presents, including a Coronation mug. 

Local residents stroll along the impressively decorated street or stand in groups chatting.

At another party table for the children, a matriarch starts a demonstrative sing-song especially for the camera. 

The kids are gorging on their cakes and buns, drinking tea from their Coronation mugs. One little girl sticks her tongue out for the camera as she tucks into a jam tart, her fingers and mouth a mess of sticky red jam. She has on a top screen printed with a newly crowned George and Elizabeth. 

General view of the street decorated with red, white and blue flowers, balloons, streamers, mini flags, blowing in the breeze. 

A little girl sits on a doorstep in her deep red cardie, baggy trousers and Union Jack T-shirt, tucking into a bun and grinning shyly.

Portrait shots of young girls in Union Jack crown paper hats at one of the street party tables. A boy in the background is reading an Edward VIII Coronation souvenir annual. [He abdicated on 11 December 1936 but souvenirs had already been printed. It was decided to go ahead with the coronation of his brother and successor George VI.]

Group portrait of some of the local children and young women on the street. 

Another little girl in mucky best clothes, including a furry coat with a mock Coronation cape collar, is seated on the railings wall eating an apple. 

The red, white and blue streamers and flags flutter around in the wind as some of the men (in flat caps) and the women stand beside the railings chatting while others are still seated at a table.