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Phil McDonnell conducts topical vox pops among young boys in Newcastle about the space race and the prospect of going to the moon. This Tyne Tees TV news magazine item was broadcast in a Look of the Month programme on 28 October 1968, the year before the United States successfully landed men on the moon with the Apollo 11 space mission.

One young boy thinks that there would be lots of craters and dust on the moon and you would probably float around too. Phil McDonnell, asks what he thinks you would do when you got to the moon. The boy responds that he would look for a good place and survey it to find where he could stay for the night. McDonnell asks if he thinks it matters which country gets there first. The boy doesn’t think it’s important. As long as they get there, he doesn’t mind.

Another boy thinks the men are very brave to go up in space. When he grows up, he might like to be an astronaut and then he would be famous.

McDonnell asks a third young lad if he would like to go to the moon and what he thinks he would find there. He says yes and that you would find big men with two things attached to their heads, with big eyes and big feet and big clothes on their feet.

On screen, McDonnell begins to interview the group of young boys together. [Interview cuts abruptly.]