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YFA 2001



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A film from the Ibberson family collection, this film is a mixture of family scenes including a brief sequence at Bolton Abbey.

Title - The Longstone Chronicles Series II the Quintessence of Hilarity

After the opening titles there is a brief close-up clip of two women outdoors, they are laughing and talking to camera.

Title - Visitors at Thornebridge Cottage

In reality quite a large house and gardens, and there are four women in the garden talking. One of them knitting, and they bring out deck chairs to sit on outside. The scene closes with a brief close up of a man sitting on a deck chair.

Title - The 11th July 1931 was a very sultry Saturday, too hot for golf or tennis, so Jo an' Liza an' Bill scrounged bathing costumes.

Two women stand by the side of a car and hold up their bathing costumes. Then, Mr. Ibberson walks over to get his bathing costume.

Title - After a long and beautiful walk they came to the lake in the woods.

After walking over hills and along a pathway in the woods, they arrive at a lake. The two ladies, clad in suits, walk onto a diving board, and one of them jumps in.

Title - Riding at Fulwood 4th August 1931.

A woman gets out of a car.

Title - Jo and Kitty.

Jo is riding on her horse, Kitty. They ride through the meadow accompanied by two others on horseback.

Title - Full Gallop with John Rylands, Mac, and "Duke"

Three riders gallop on horseback through the field. There is a small dong which follows them.

Title - Bill an' Mick

Mr. Ibberson is on his horse. This is followed by a short clip showing a dog in various settings in a garden. A woman walks with the dog down a country lane, and they play in a field together. Later, Mrs. Ibberson, dressed in a fur coat, walks out of the side door to a house followed by an older man. They then go for a walk in the garden.

In the next scene, there is a troupe of young girls dressed in Girl Guide uniforms. They leave a church and walk down a street and into town. Mrs. Ibberson appears to be one of the troupe leaders. Some of the girls hold a banner which says, "Be Prepared."

The next sequence shows a group of people, men in evening dress and ladies in evening gowns, arriving at a house and in the gardens. Parked cars can be seen in the background.

There is brief footage of Mr. and Mrs. Ibberson having a picnic together.

A group of five people in a garden have fun, laughing and frolicking and falling over. They try to do summersaults, and they spin and dance around the back garden.

Next is a brief scene of Bolton Abbey and a woman crossing the river using the stepping stones.

The film closes in a garden where people are riding on a miniature roller coaster.