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YFA 4917



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Made by Colin Ellis, this film was taken during a day out off the East Yorkshire coast fishing for Spurdogs and Cod.  The film includes footage of the fishing methods used by the fishermen, footage of the crew and other ships they pass when out at sea, and shots of Bridlington Harbour.  Long fishing lines with many individual hooks and bait are used when fishing for these particular fish as opposed to the larger nets used for inshore trawling. 

The film opens with a shot of the line in the water.  Individual hooks hang from the line, and each has a fish attached.  One of the fishermen pulls the line onto the boat while the other cuts each fish free from the line.  Both fishermen wear large rubber aprons.  There is another boat, the H.580, is in the harbour, and there is a shot of the crew as the boat comes in.  One of the crew members throws a rope to a man on another boat close by.  He uses the rope to pull the boats together.  

A man and a teenage boy are on the docks and looking out to sea.  Yachts crowd the bay, and a large seawall and lighthouse can be seen.  There are shots of the rocky shore as the waves come in on this grey day.  The man and boy now walk by some houses near the seaside, and there is more footage of waves breaking along the shore and rock pools as the sun breaks through the clouds.  Following this are additional shots of the seawall and coastline before footage of a long pier.  Sailboats are out in the water, and an industrial landscape fills the background.   

Two men walk along the pavement, the beach to one side and a road to the other.  It is a sandy beach, and couple can be seen walking along the water’s edge in the distance.  There is also footage of the industrial landscape close by. 

A small motorized boat, the Rose, goes out to sea from Bridlington Harbour.  A man uses the rudder to steer the boat, and there are many other types of small vessels which fill the harbour including private boats and tour boats.  There is extensive footage of the harbour as the different boats come in and out. 

Back on the deck of the fishing boat, men are gutting the catch of the day.  They throw the waste back out to sea causing seagulls to flock to the ship.  Following this is more footage of the men pulling in the long lines and cutting the fish from the line.  The crew work as a team, each with a specific task as they pull the line and fish onto the boat in one fluid motion.  Close up shots of the fish on the line are included. 

Back in the harbour, a tour boat, the Yorkshire Belle, comes into dock.  Both the top and bottom decks are full of tourists.  There is a shot of the harbour on a sunny day as different boats come in and out.  Tourists get off the top deck of the Flamborian (Hull), and following this are shots of the Bridlington docks.  Here, different coloured boats are moored, some tied up four deep, side by side.  The film closes with further footage of some of the boats’ crew members as well as shots of the harbour and industrial landscape in the distance.