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YFA 1189



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This film captures the events which took place in Long Preston and Wigglesworth celebrating the Jubilee in 1935. Festivities include a procession, fancy dress competition, and brass band accompaniment.

The film opens with a man walking towards the camera. There is an inn behind him, and a few ladies sit on chairs outside the inn. The sign notes the bar is open all day. The procession begins with a brass band marching down the street. A group of children follow, many of whom are carrying Union Jack flags. The procession comes to a halt in the centre of town, and the band group together to perform for onlookers. Following this is more footage of the procession which is made up of men, women, and children.

Title - Long Preston and Wigglesworth Silver Jubilee Celebrations May 6th 1935

The procession continues, and members carry bigger flags and banners. Those at the front are dressed in long coats, and there are more men in this part of the procession. Following the banners are women pushing decorated novelty prams, and there are many people and children in fancy dress. One of the prams is built like an airplane with the baby in the cockpit.

There are also decorated cars and wagons included in the parade, and many of them are filled with people in costume. Cars go down the street, and men dressed in uniform form a brass band. There is a shot of children in a float who are dressed as wedding party, and the banner says, "The Village Wedding."

The film continues to show various people in costumes: Victorian women, little-red-riding hood, shepherdesses, chickens, pirate, highwayman, and genie. A Charlie Chaplin impersonator, a clown, and accordion player entertain the crowd. They are followed by women on a float with a banner, "L.P W.I For Home and Country."

Children are gathered together and sing with a conductor. Later children from the village take part in races and an assault course. The brass band continues, and other activities include boys doing high-jump and pillow-fights on a pole.

At the end of the celebration, children form a queue to receive a special Jubilee mug. The film closes with men, women and children sitting in a hall eating and drinking.