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YFA 1250



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This short film includes many of London's famous tourist attractions as well as views around the city.

The film opens with a footage taken in park gardens. A man and two women look at blue bells. Flowers are in full bloom around the park, and a lady is seated on a bench in the foreground with people walking around a central display of flowers. There are many tulips and other flower on display, and people walk around to smell the flowers. A man seated, painting a picture of the flowers in the park.

Next there are mounted guards on horseback. They go past the camera, and cars can be seen in the background. This is followed by the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.

A young boy in his school uniform with cap leans against the fountain in Trafalgar Square. He has pigeons perching on his arm. There is also an older man with pigeons perched on his arm in Trafalgar Square. This is followed by brief views of a portrait painter outside St Martin in the Field, and is paintings are displayed on the railings.

It is night time, and the Empire Theatre in Leicester Square is fully lit with neon lights and a large advert for the film Test Pilot (1938) starring Clark Gable and Dick Tracy. There is more footage of Leicester Square and its neon lights including the Leicester Square theatre which is now the Odeon Cinema.

The film closes with scenes of the market on Petticoat Lane. Women are rifling through piles of clothes, and a man is selling puppies which are kept in cages.