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NEFA 21909



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This amateur film made by Mr L Hammell, a teacher at Norton High Street Junior School, of a school visit to London. The film shows the journey by coach along the motorway and their time in the capital, which included a trip to London Zoo.

The film opens showing the rear of a motor coach on which is written 'Riley's of Teesside'. A group of schoolchildren waiting nearby sit on a grass verge and eat snacks.

On the coach a passenger view taken from the coach shows it traveling along a motorway, past a roadsigns which reads, 'London 85'.  General views follow of the passing landscape and other traffic on the motorway.

The next view shows the coach parked at the roadside in the centre of London. The pupils and staff get off the coach and queue at the entrance to a hotel(?), which is next to Madame Tussaud's waxwork museum, the camera films the name above the entrance.

The film cuts to the school group crossing a road, wearing distinctive blue woolen hats. Some of the children gather near a sign which reads 'Geological Museum'.

The film cuts to the school party walking by some iron railings, probably at the zoo as an animal appears to be lying on the ground behind the railings and attracts a lot of attention as the group walk past. 

The film cuts to another animal enclosure where a rhinoceros stands next to a fence in its own paddock, then to a pelican standing on the concrete at the side of a lake or pond, which is shared with some penguins. A keeper throws them some portions of food. In another part of the zoo, flamingoes stand in their own pond watched by the school children.

The film cuts to the entrance of the zoo, the name 'London Zoo South Gate' is clearly seen above the entrance/exit as the school party leaves which ends the film.