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NEFA 21564



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This film by Ronald Pringle records holiday and excursion footage taken in Scotland. From ornamental gardens, to beauty spots in the countryside and the coast plus a visit to an airshow and across the border to Lindisfarne, favourite destinations appear again in this film.

Opening shot is of Logan Botanic Garden near Port Logan in Dumfries and Galloway.  General views follow of trees, planted flowers and rock gardens, ornamental ponds, blue poppies and palm trees. A roadside sign for Logan Botanic Gardens comes briefly into view.

The film cuts to Prestwick air show near Glasgow with views of military aircraft, biplane formation teams, aerial acrobatics by light aircraft, and the famous Red Arrows display team.

Another cut to the approach road to the causeway at Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast. A roadside display shows the timetable for tides and on the causeway a warning notice for drivers to be aware of the tides. Views follow of the castle and general views of the island. Upturned wooden boats are used as sheds or storehouses. Sea birds sit precariously on cliffs.

Back at the causeway partially covered by sea; a car turns round and goes back to the mainland. A delivery van stops just short of the water, the driver unsure as what to do next. 

The film cuts to man holding a grass snake(?), then cuts to a girl turning over a stone to reveal an ants nest(?). 

Next to a beach at Ardmair Bay north of Ullapool perfectly curved with white sands. The film cuts to a ship in the bay and views out to sea. A view from a high angle shows small boats out at sea, followed by aerial shots of small chalets.

The film cuts to a sign at Balnakeil on the northern edge of Sutherland in the Highlands, which boasts a craft village.

The film cuts back to the bridge over Corrieshalloch Gorge. A red car parked on a moorland roadside has a smashed windscreen and the owner delicately picks glass fragments off the bonnet. 

Information on a sign commemorates the Burnt Barn at Leanach farm, the scene of atrocities during the Battle of Culloden, east of Inverness. Another plaque commemorates the battle itself in 1746.

The film ends on the Cairngorms chairlift, where the cameraman films the changing landscape as the chair ascends.