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YFA 3195



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This is a film which documents holiday and leisure activities of the Lockwood family in 1960.

The film opens with two children on a swing in a back garden. Then there is a young toddler walking around and playing with a small bag. Additionally, there are two women with the children in the back garden.
At portside, people wait to board a ferry. There is a sign for Boulogne Calais and scenes as they drive through France. Additionally, there are people having a picnic, a marching band which passes in the streets, more driving through small towns and villages, and a man and woman sitting together on a bench.
The next portion of the film features a few men and boys making a motorized model airplane. Once assembly is complete, the plane is ready for a test flight which all those present look up to watch.
The final part of the film returns to the back garden with children playing.