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Made by Eric Bolderson, this is a film of the annual Pram Race and fancy dress competition in Castleford, a fun event in aid of Charity which was held for several years in the early 1960s.  It shows locals enjoying a drink in various pubs, the Gala Queen competition, the children’s and adult’s fancy dress competitions, and the pram race from beginning to end including the humorous antics of its participants.

Title – JESB Films
Title – Lock Lane Annual Pram Race and Fancy Dress Parade
Intertitle – But first we must choose our Queen.  June 1963.  Judges Mr and Mrs Hopton, Mr and Mrs Holmes.

A group of boys jump up and down outside Beverley House where a large crowd has gathered and participants are assembling for the Lock Lane Pram Race.  Girls are lined up holding placards with their numbers on for the competition for Gala Queen.  The girls, all in their finest dresses, take it in turns to walk past the judges table and mount a platform where they do a turn for inspection, watched by the crowd.  The judges make notes, and the first three re-mount the platform.  The winner receives a sash for Lock Lane Pram Race Queen and a bouquet of flowers.

Intertitle – A visit to the training camps prior to the pram race: The Coronation Club

Women and men are packed inside the Club drinking, having a laugh, with several of the men contestants for the fancy dress competition.  One man is dressed as a baby in a pram, another in pyjamas holds two baby dolls and has ‘Hen Pecked Husband’ written on his back. 

Intertitle – The Bradley Arms

A very similar scene is seen, again with lots of clowning about as the camera makes its way around the room.

Intertitle – The cup kindly donated by Darleys Breweries

The landlord hands the trophy over from behind the bar.

Intertitle – The Britannia Inn

A man walks by wearing large bloomers as there is more hilarity, with many clearly showing the influence of their drinking, and everyone is clearly having a good time as the camera makes its way around the pub.

Intertitle – Allerton Bywater WMCA

Several contestants take part in the drinking a yard of ale competition.  One man is filmed in reverse drinking a pint of beer. The winners collect their winnings of £1 notes.

Intertitle – The Great Climax, July 21st

People gather for the race in the town centre, and there are also fancy dress competitions, for both children and adults.  One man is dressed as a stereotyped African.  Again outside Beverley House, the judges sit at a table as children in fancy dress make their way towards them up a ramp.  The children are led past the camera.  This is followed by the adult’s fancy dress competition.  One man is dressed as a toothbrush, another as ‘Lord Blobnose’ and another as ‘Hen pecked husband’.  There are lots of close-ups of the crowd who is watching.  The prizes for the children’s fancy dress competition are displayed on a table, including a bow and arrow set and games.  Then the prizes for the adult’s fancy dress competition are displayed on the next table, including a cutlery set and a metal newspaper rack.

The Mayor arrives to hand out the prizes.  This is followed by the beginning of the pram race. A policeman on a motorbike heads up as the contestants, mostly in fancy dress, set off one at a time.  A row of boys on their bicycles look on, as does the Gala Queen.  The streets are lined with people watching the festivities.  A section of the film is filmed backwards.  Some people sit in deckchairs on the side-lines.  The racers pass various places, including the New Inn, Edward VII WMC, the Angel Inn and Allerton Bywater WMC.  Collectors pass around tins collecting for polio.  The race passes through the streets lined with people and out onto country roads, with cars parked up on the sides.  A green 175 bus for Glasshoughton passes by.

At the finish of the race, a large crowd of people, and several time keepers, wait to greet the tired contestants as they arrive.  The takings from the collection tins are handed over.  The last contestants are followed by a line of cars.  The winners of the fancy dress competition for men receive their prizes from the Mayor, followed by those for the pram race. Then there follows the draw for a raffle.  The Gala Queen is driven off in a car.

Title – The End