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YFA 5152



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This is a film of a religious procession which took place most likely for Mayday or in honour of Mary the Blessed Mother.  The location of the film is unknown, but based on the reference to St. Patrick and the anchor symbolizing a maritime connection, the film may possibly be related to St. Patrick’s Church in Hull.  

The film begins with a parade led by clergy and altar boys, one of whom is carrying a crucifix.  The procession makes its way down a street which is lined with spectators.  Near the front there is a banner with a picture of an anchor on it.  On the far side of the street, there is a shop or pub with a canopy.  Following the clergy are groups of young girls who are dressed in white.  They carry two banners celebrating Mary. 

On the nearside pavement it is mostly men watching, all wearing flat caps, while on the far pavement are mostly women, all in bonnets or hats.  Children sit on a wall on the far side watching.  The children on the procession carry garlands and flowers, and one with a harp on a pole, followed by what looks like a May Queen. 

Then a marching brass band passes, followed by a youth band playing flutes.  They are followed by young boys who all wear sashes and white caps.  The boys are followed by more children and banners, including a large banner which says, “St. Patrick, Pray for Us.”  The parade then turns back upon itself and goes in the opposite direction.  Participants greet each other as they pass each other by.

The parade is then filmed from a different position.  Shops on the opposite side of the street can be seen covered in scaffolding.  This time there is a large group of adults on the parade.  Right at the end, there is group of children and adults who pose for the camera.