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This documentary compilation of events from 1933 was filmed by members of Newcastle Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA). Includes footage of the aftermath of a gas explosion in Carville Street, Gateshead; the Tyneside launch of the first all welded ship, the Peter G. Campbell, a tank barge constructed by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd at their Wallsend Shipyard, unusual footage in that it is filmed from a boat on the river; the (Northumberland) County Amateur Golf Championship at High Gosforth Park in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; model boat steering trials at Paddy Freeman's boating lake in Jesmond Dene in mid-summer, and women's snowball fights at Jesmond Dene in winter; barrow sellers and shops in the run up to Christmas on the Newcastle streets. The final sequence represents Christmas Day through a series of staged shots of food, drink and Christmas traditions.

Title: Local Events

Title: Gateshead Explosion 27 March, 1933 – 6 persons were killed

This documentary footage records the destruction at a terrace of houses in Carville Street, Gateshead, following a gas explosion in which 6 people were killed and injured. Houses demolished in the explosion lie in a pile of rubble.  A man is digging in the wreckage that lies in the street. The wallpapered interior walls of one of the demolished houses are newly exposed. Wooden props are holding up the exterior walls of the house adjacent to the demolished houses. Washing still hangs in front of a cast iron kitchen range in a top floor of a demolished house. Ornaments are still arranged on the mantelpiece and pictures hang on the wall above, seemingly undisturbed by the gas blast.

Title: Launch of Peter G. Campbell 13 April, 1933

Title: First all welded ship built on the Tyne by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd

General view of the Wallsend Shipyard metal sign above the gateway to Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd.

In the shipyard, men are working on the Peter G. Campbell tank barge in the construction berth. There are various shots of welders working on the ship, holding special protective welders’ masks up to their faces. Workers are busy on the deck of the tanker.

A steam tugboat is turning on the Tyne, the cranes and shipyards in the background. There’s a brief shot of a man reclining at the far end of the stern of a rowing boat (probably the filmmaker’s colleague).

The Peter G. Campbell tank barge launches down the slipway into the Tyne (filmed from the river). People are watching beside the berth. The steam tug manoeuvres beside the barge.

Title: Golf. County Amateur Championship. Gosforth Park. 10 – 17 June, 1933

This section opens with general views of the Northumberland Golf Club clubhouse in High Gosforth Park where players are beginning to tee off for the County Amateur Golf Championship.

Various shots follow of golfers playing on the course watched by a small audience.  The spectators follow the golf action from hole to hole. Many of the golfers are wearing Knickerbockers, baggy trousers tucked into their socks.

Men chat together on the lawn in front of the clubhouse.

Title: The finalists – A.C.R. Stephenson

ACR Stephenson takes a shot, watched by a line of mostly men.

Title: James Snowden

James Snowden takes a shot, watched by a line of mostly men.

Men and women in the audience head across the golf course, following the players. Golfers take their shots.

Title: The Winner

The winning golfer takes a shot. He then poses for the camera. Portrait shot of the winner.

Title: Model Boat Steering Trials at Paddy Freemens 15 July, 1933

Paddy Freeman’s boating lake is surrounded by spectators for the model boat steering competition. Men line up their model ships at the edge of the lake. Close-ups of two of the model ships on the water follow. A large crowd watches at the edge of the lake, a man in cloth cap in the foreground holding a list of competitors. One competitor launches a model boat, the focus on the boat streaming across the water. Two men row across the water in one of the Paddy Freeman leisure boats. One man holds his model boat.  Another man readies his model for launch. Another competitor launches his boat.  The boat steers towards the twin guiding poles and finish point on the lake.

Title: Jesmond Dene

General views of Jesmond Dene public park in Newcastle’s West End.  Some young women run and slide down an icy path towards camera. General views of the waterfall and Ouse Burn. A man walks over the arched stone bridge to the west of Jesmond Dene Mill. More general views of the waterfall and park follow.

The group of young women stroll across a snowy field at the park. Group portrait of the women.  The women then stroll along the path next to Paddy Freeman’s boating lake, which is iced over. Some of the women begin to throw snowballs across the lake. The women then have an energetic snowball fight. [Believed to be women students from Eastern Hall of Kings College, Newcastle upon Tyne.]

Title: Christmas

During winter, a tram travels along Barras Bridge past the Great North Museum (formerly Hancock Museum). A double decker bus also drives by.

Barrows of flowers and vegetables are parked along Newgate Street.  Mistletoe hangs from some of the barrow stalls. Shots follow of two individual barrows with women selling flowers and leeks. One of the barrows is owned by F.T Lowison of North Shields. A man loads Christmas trees onto a barrow. In the background, the shops include H. Dady.

A tram travels past the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, the spire silhouetted against the sky.

Turkeys, chickens or game birds hang in rows outside a butcher’s shop, which is F.H. Phillips and Co.- Fish, Poultry, Game, Ice - in Barras Bridge.

Next, a series of staged close-ups representing Christmas Day follows: a trussed turkey on a serving plate; carving a roast turkey; a turkey carcass; a mistletoe bough; an iced Christmas cake; a box of chocolates; a box of crackers; two hands pull a cracker; profile (just out of shot) of a man lighting a cigarette; hands unwrap a present and display a gramophone record; mechanical toys on a table; hands fixing a whisky and soda, drinking it, then carrying away the bottles and empty glass; a mechanical boy toy placed in a champagne glass; still life of whisky bottle and glass, and Andrews Liver Salts and glass.