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NEFA 21300



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A compilation of documentary and holiday film shot during the early 1930s by members of the Newcastle and District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA). Footage includes a civic event in Newcastle upon Tyne, possibly an annual Mayor’s Sunday; an international rugby match between England and Scotland at Twickenham Stadium, London; an Air Show at Cramlington Aerodrome, home of the Newcastle Aero Club, with shots of famous women aviators, Amy Johnson and Constance Ruth Leathart, who later flew with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during World War Two; and general views of Scarborough including the Grand Hotel.

The first event documented may be an annual Mayors’ Sunday civic occasion taking place in Newcastle, which sees the new Mayor take the Act of Dedication to the People, top brass and townsfolk gathering as policemen aldermen, and army regiments take part in a parade.

A street is crowded with people, many of the men in trilby hats or flat caps. Policemen line up in a row across the street, badges gleaming. Tramline tracks run down one side of the road.

A line of dignitaries including the Police Commissioner, Mayor and mace-bearer, solemnly process down the street. The Mayor and two other council members climb onto a ceremonial platform in the street, the mace-bearer taking up a position in front, the police arranged along the pavement beside them, and beyond them the crowd. A row of men (ex-servicemen?) parade past the Mayor’s group, tipping their hats as they pass the platform. A bugle is played. The group of dignitaries standing solemnly as the Justice of the Peace (?) reads out a declaration. Some of the group then raise their hats in a cheer, and the police group follow suit. A row of soldiers (?) stand to attention holding guns as the police walk behind them. The dignitaries and other guests then start to leave. A regiment marches back down the street. A police brass band march past holding their instruments without playing. The large crowd begin to disperse, a trolleybus in the background.

Brief shot of a Union Jack flying on the roof of a building.

The next sequence records one of the international rugby matches between England and Scotland at Twickenham in the 1930s. [Possibly either 19 March 1932, 17 March 1934 or 21 March 1936]

A small crowd of men and women are milling around a station platform in Greater London where a sign reads “Book here for Twickenham return fares 3/6 2/2”. In the background stands a “News Theatre” featuring “News Interest Cartoons Films”.

Outside the station, a bunch of men are busking, singing and playing a violin, with a sign. One man holds out a cap for small change. Smartly dressed men and women are leaving the station. A man wears a placard advertising the Sunday Pictorial newspaper headlines “England v Scotland Rugby Special B Line –Out”. A man in a flat cap is selling rugby fan memorabilia such as rosettes.

The stands at Twickenham Stadium are packed with people for the match. Shots follow of the pitch, taken over heads in the crowd. A naval brass band marches around the pitch. The two teams run onto the pitch. Shots of the match and a crowd shot follow, people cheering and waving their programmes.

The next event recorded is an air show taking place in the early 1930s, believed to have taken place at Cramlington Aerodrome (?), home of the Newcastle Aero Club since July 1925. The event is probably the Kings Cup, with competitors racing between Brooklands and Cramlington.

This item opens with general views of a parachute jump. The parachute is advertising Co-Op tea. A bi-plane flies close to the parachutist. The parachutist lands at Cramlington airfield, watched by spectators.

A man in a beret broadcasts at a microphone. Beside him there is a stationary VH-U series aircraft (possibly a de Havilland Moth?).

In the air, a de Havilland DH 80A Puss Moth (Reg. G-ABLG) comes in to land. Portrait shot of the middle-aged aviator with moustache, in leather hat and goggles, who may be Squadron Leader Walter Leslie Runciman (later Viscount Runciman) of the Newcastle Aero Club.

Glimpsed in another aircraft on the ground, is Constance Ruth Leathart, who is next seen amongst a group of reporters and flyers. Various scenes of reporters and aviators around the aircraft with photo opportunities. A young male journalist shakes hands with one of the aviators. Brief shot of a journalist, dressed in tweeds and baker boy cap, standing next to Constance Leathart, a woman pilot who flew with the ATA in WWII. General view of a group of three, two women and a man, chatting together on the airfield, an aircraft hangar in the background.

A light sporting high-wing monoplane (a 1932 Comper CLA-7 Gipsy Swift) is on the ground, the pilot, (possibly Leathart who flew this particular plane). She hoists herself out of the cockpit. A plane taxis along the airfield. A man fuels up a plane.

Another plane, a Percival Vega Gull, comes in to land, advertising “Co-op Tea - A New […] in British India” across its wings. An M2 Hawk (Reg. G-ACHK) lands on the airfield.

People enjoy a picnic on the airfield, including two schoolboys.

Various shots follow of the planes in flight. A Gipsy Moth (Reg. G-ABDV) lands at the aerodrome Close-up shot of pioneering aviator Amy Johnson in the cockpit, smiling, greeted by two female fans who shake her hand. Johnson hops out of the cockpit in her trademark leather coat. A big crowd surrounds the aircraft. She unstraps her flying hat, and is greeted by two airfield officials. The plane is walked away.

Crowds mill around the air show looking at the planes, another in the foreground (Reg. G-AAVN).

More shots follow of air displays, and people surrounding one of the planes on the ground. Planes include a J-1518 jet plane and a military bomber.

The final item in the compilation is holiday footage of Scarborough. The piece opens with general views of Scarborough’s South Bay looking towards the castle and harbour. People play bowls in Peasholm Park, Scarborough.

The scene cuts to a street scene, where a policeman is directing traffic.

Family groups stroll through a park.

General views follow of the entrance to the Grand Hotel, Scarborough, the crowded beach in South Bay and busy promenade, Foreshore Road. Donkey rides are enjoyed on the beach. Two children build a sandcastle. View towards Grand Hotel from the beach.

Two fishermen pull in their nets at Scarborough Harbour. Children stand on the harbour pier. A paddle steamer (or tug) is moored at the harbour. Shot of the Geisha Café exterior. General view of the lighthouse on pier end looking towards south. Brief overhead shot of boys fishing.

[Colour film - faded]

This section opens with a general view of a Scarborough street, featuring Sadler’s Café and Foley’s Ices. A woman pats a donkey on the beach. A woman and man are saddled up on donkeys. Only a few people are on the beach. Two women look out over the seaside town from a hotel balcony. People mill around public gardens with stone ornaments, a gentleman in best clothes wearing a straw boater. Two women stroll past the Esplanade Café. The two women have tea outside, along with other clientele in a colourful garden. Close-ups of flowers follow.

A woman in a fur collared coat kisses a parakeet on her shoulder.