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YFA 784



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This amateur film is from the Kathleen Lockwood collection and contains footage of several sights around Yorkshire including the Valley Gardens in Harrogate.

Title-Here and there.

Title-Canon Hall Park in spring.

There is a long sequence of shots of the green grass in the park, the big trees full of colourful blooms and the flowerbeds.

Title-Valley Gardens Harrogate.

Some more shots of a wide, open park full of colourful flowerbeds, benches, fountains and tall unusual looking plants.

The next shots capture a young boy and a young girl playing in the park beside the flowerbeds. There are close ups of many of the plants and flowers. Some of the flowers have been planted in bands of colour to create a striking multi-coloured effect.

Title-Kirkham Priory.

A woman leads a large group of school children around the ruins of the priory. There are long shots capturing the entire area. A man and woman walk towards the camera carrying a crate between them.

Title-Flamingo Park Kirby Miasperton.

There is a sequence of shots of a variety of animals in the park including seals, a pelican, rabbits and a tortoise. There are also shots of an animal keeper feeding fish to the seals as they swim about in the water.

There are some shots of a town set into some hilly land. A train passes across a large viaduct and then the camera pans across to show the buildings built all the way up the hillside.

A woman walks through a forest and along beside a very fast flowing river; she turns and smiles at the camera.

A crowd of huntsmen and their hounds gather in the middle of the forest and then head off on their hunt. There are shots taken of the horses and hounds from across a field.

Title-The End.