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NEFA 14476



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Sponsored film showing the sea trials and transfer of the bulk carrier "Livanita" from Smiths Docks Company Ltd at South Bank near Middlesbrough to its Norwegian owners A/S Ugland's Rederi in March 1962. The film includes footage of the ship's lifeboat being tested.

The film opens with views of the "Livanita" moored along the quayside. Six painters in overalls come down a wooden gangway from the ship. General views of the ship's lifebuoy which has the words "Livanita -"Grimstad" painted around the edge.

The tug boat "Fiery Cross" tows the ship downriver towards the mouth of the Tees. The ship passes two steam ships, which are moored in the middle of the river. They pass a shipyard, possibly Smith's Dock, where a number of ships are under construction.

At sea, a number of exterior general views both on board and around the ship, some filmed from another boat. The film changes to the engine room and views of various pieces of equipment. Men in white boiler suits are working on various dials. Another man winds a device. An officer looks at a map. Views inside the ship's wheel house, where a man is at the helm, and an officer is giving directions.

A pilot boat pulls alongside the Livanita. The pilot climbs a rope ladder onto the ship and shakes hands with an officer. One of the ship's lifeboats is then launched. The pilot leaves the ship and his boat pulls away.

The film ends back at Smith's Dock where a group of people walk up a gangway onto the Livanita. A woman lowers the British maritime flag, the Royal Ensign. A second women raises the Norwegian flag.