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YFA 6038



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This is the third of three films taken by John Spencer while he was working at Wrathmire Farm.  The farm was run by the Chapman family, and the film shows life on the farm in Upper Littondale in the Yorkshire Dales.  This one shows conditions on the farm during the severe winter of 1962.

Around the 12th November, 1962, the farm is covered in a thick layer of snow, and sheep are out in the fields in the deep snow with John Spencer’s sheep dog, Bess, on High Horsehead.  After some thawing there are large icicles hanging down from rocks in Bellda Gill.  

Litton – A meet of Beagles (Scent Hounds) gathers outside the Devonshire Arms, Cracoe, on Boxing Day.  Huntsmen are in long trousers, while whippers-in are in shorts.  Children are introduced to the beagles.  There are a large number of spectators following, some forming a line and walking across fields.  Lord Mountgarret is stamping his feet to keep warm.   

Later, first week in January, bales of hay are put out for the sheep to eat.  Men are clearing a path with shovels through the deep snow on Angram Corne,r near Halton Gill Bridge, about 7 or 8 miles from Stainforth.  Among those clearing the huge piles of snow many feet high, are John Cowan and Tom Cowan.  They spend some time larking about, trying to make a three man high piggy-back.  Dave Cowan has a go on some home-made skis.  George Emmet is out in the snow in his van to show the depth.  They get help from Wakefield in the form of a caterpillar tractor and bucket, which clears a path for the tractor to come out.  They are also clearing snow at Railings corner.  

Finally spring, and there are flowers in bloom. Including snow drops and daffodils.  There are lapwing eggs and new-born lambs and puppies.  At John Spencer’s mother's house in Grassington, there are Globeflowers.   The film finishes showing Dave Cowan. And rock climbing on Kilnsey Crag.