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NEFA 19700



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Comic cartoon animation advertising Andrews Liver Salts, distributed by Newcastle company Scott and Turner, featuring "Little Andy" who wins a race after he drinks a glass of sparkling Andrews.

 A bugle call sounds for the start of a sprint race. A great variety of characters in the spectator’s stand wait happily for the race to begin at the track. Three hunky male athletes are braced for the start, next to a worried looking, puny, middle-aged athlete, Little Andy. The official starter looks at his watch and fires his starter gun, which fails. As he looks into the gun muzzle, it fires in his face. The hunky athletes race off. Little Andy’s shorts fall down. His face turns red and he pulls his shorts up to his armpits. Little Andy runs haphazardly in his lane, pulling up exhausted at an advertisement for Andrews. 

 Male voiceover: “And now the big race. 54321. Hey! They’re away! Is Little Andy going to be left at the post? Is he going to be an also ran? Wait! Steady boy. Take a drop of this.”

 Amongst the spectators, an American type in a baseball cap stops Little Andy, holding out a glass of sparkling Andrews. He gulps it down.

Little Andy is transformed and motors off, so fast his legs are a blur. He passes the other athletes easily. The audience turn to watch him go. He races through the finish line, the official with his pocket watch taken by surprise at his speed. Little Andy poses for the cheering audience who go wild with admiration. Andy bows. And receives the winner’s cup. The photographer is about to take a picture. The baseball cap wearer races up to fill Little Andy’s trophy with a jug full of water. He conjures up a tin of Andrew’s Livers Salts and proceeds to spoon it into the winner’s cup, which Andy drinks.  

 Male voiceover: “That’s Little Andy that was. What a race. What a runner. What a record. Andy wins. And what a drink. Andrews Liver Salts. The speedy way to sparkling good health. Remember. Inner cleanliness comes first.”

 The advert ends with a pack shot of Andrews Liver Salts and a stir of the sparkling stuff in a glass.