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Magazine film by Eric Hall on various sporting themes, including cricket, golf, model aeroplanes, fishing and, most prominently, motorcycle racing.

Title – A Hallmark Production
Title – Liquorice All-Sports
Title – Photographed and edited by J Eric Hall
Title – A miscellany of people and events in the world of sport 
Title – With an accent on motor-cycling
Title – The Yorkshire county cricket team 1951

A flag flies over a rooftop and the stands of a cricket ground are packed with spectators. Players in their whites make their way onto the pitch.

Title – Test Captain Len Hutton

The captain makes his way briskly out of the pavilion to join the rest of the team. The game is seen in full swing.

Title – Norman Yardley

A player leaves the pitch, passing spectators in the stands.

Title – Opening pair Hutton and Lowson 

Players Len Hutton and Frank Lowson proceed onto the pitch carrying their cricket bats.

Title – Motor cycle road racing Esholt 1950

The start line of a motorcycle race on a country road is surrounded by spectators. The bikes have numbers attached to them and are lined up ready to start, with the riders all wearing bulky leathers. As the race begins, one rider immediately loses control and crashes, toppling over sideways and causing a collision with another bike. Marshals run out onto the track to help.

Title – First lap leaders

Several bikes whizz along the track, around a smooth corner, as the crowd looks on.

Title – Jack Brett retires

One rider, number 48, pulls over from the track and talks to two men, possibly race officials, as he undoes his helmet.

Title – A modern racing A.J.S.

A motorbike made by the Wolverhampton company A.J. Stevens & Co is seen stationary. Another group of racers pushes their bikes off at the start and then races along a straight stretch of road. 

Title – Record holder Dennis Parkinson

Bike number 70 can be seen parked and the rider, Denis Parkinson, takes his goggles off. He talks to two other leather-clad men.

Title – Esholt 1951

A man with a pad and pencil takes down notes on the motorbikes lined up at the start line of a race, which then begins. The bikes are seen racing along wintry country roads, again lined with spectators who lean over the barriers to wave and cheer riders on. A man on a much smaller moped with very small wheels can also be seen riding past.

Title – A few famous golf personalities
Title – Dai Rees

A man in shirt sleeves walks towards the camera and is then seen holding a golf club, getting ready to play. Tents and marquees can be seen in the background behind the course. A view from the crowd is followed by the golfer surrounded by a group of people as he takes a swing.

Title – Belgian Flory van Dyck

Two men stand chatting, one looking at the camera. The other turns to look and grins widely.

Title – Bobby Locke, open champion 3 times in 4 years

A golfer in a white flat cap and plus fours is seen taking a putt, then walking across the course.

Title – Sid Scott and Peter Thompson

Two men stand chatting on a golf course, one wearing a sun visor and the other a flat cap.

Title – Australian Norman von Nida

Another golfer walks up a slightly uphill stretch of the course, swinging his club as he goes.

Title – Max Faulkner, open champion 1951, with veteran J.D. Henderson

The two golf players stand together and have their picture taken by a photographer. They are then seen playing on the course.

Title – Henry Cotton, thrice open champion

Cotton walks across a golf course towards the camera, accompanied by a caddy who carries his clubs.

Title – Miss Betty Priestley 1952 Yorkshire Junior Ladies Champion

A young female player tees off. She assesses the distance to the flag which marks the hole, then hits the ball, which lands very close. A hand removes the flag and she putts the ball into the hole. She smiles at the camera, puts her clubs back into her golf bag and wheels it along behind her. 

Title – Miss Priestley receiving her trophy

She is presented with a large, shiny cup by another woman wearing a dark blazer.

Title – …and another cup to keep it company

She stands behind a stone wall with her two trophies placed on top.

Title – Model car racing
Title – Tuning up in the ‘pits’

Near to a model car track, men tinker with their miniature racing cars.

Title – 71 miles per hour

Men propel their cars round the oval track with long wooden poles. A considerable crowd is gathered around the edge to watch the races.

Title – Fastest time of the day 101 mph

More miniature cars can be seen laid out on tables, ready to be raced.

Title – Aviation in miniature

A hand holds out a model aeroplane and crowds can be seen gathered behind. A young man in a peaked baseball cap launches a small plane into the air. Another boy stands with a much larger model plane carried under his arm. Two aeroplanes are laid out in the grass, one with its metal bodywork removed.

Title – Contact!

Plane owners spin the propellers of their aircraft to start the engines, then launch them into the air. Model aeroplanes of various sizes are seen soaring against the clouds. A man in a tie and jacket holds up his plane with one hand. An aircraft with “Black Maria” emblazoned on its wing can be seen in the grass. Behind the assembled crowds is a sign which reads “Yorkshire Evening News Model Flying Festival –Team Race”. Small teams can be seen flying various model aircraft around a course.

Title – Field repairs

Two young boys sit in the grass making repairs to their planes, while nearby a larger group of men does the same. One plane is connected to a large battery. A young man shoulders his plane and launches it into the air.

Title – A young enthusiast

A small boy stands with a plane in either hand, while another launches a large glider which drifts across the grass. Other aeroplanes are launched more successfully into the air.

Title – Speedway racing at Odsal Stadium

A sign is seen for Odsal Speedway near Bradford in West Yorkshire. The side of a van reads “Tudors” and is painted with a white rose. A pamphlet advertising an event at the track is shown.  Men in white overalls parade around the stadium before a packed audience.

Title – Veteran Odsal rider Oliver Hart

A speedway rider is surrounded by people and is seen smiling and chatting. Motorbikes speed around the oval track, throwing up clouds of dirt behind them. The people in the crowd watch intently. A man stands close by the barrier next to the track, covering his face with a piece of paper as the bikes go past.

Title – Ex speedway star Ernie Price with Dent Oliver

Two men stand chatting in the paddock, one wearing race gear and the other drinking a cup of tea. 

Title – Ron Clarke Capt. Out of action

A rider leaves the stadium and is seen among a group of people.

Title – The late Joe Abbott’s fatal crash

A rider hurtles towards the track wall, skids and falls. A following bike crashes into him and marshals run onto the track. An ambulance is seen parked on the track and the rider is wheeled off on a stretcher.

Title – Cycle road racing
Title – Ken Russell Winner 1952 ‘Tour of Britain’

Men on racing bicycles pedal up a hill. One, presumably Ken Russell, is seen off his bike. A leaflet for Wilsden Road Race is shown. Several bikes lean against a stone wall. The peloton zooms along countryside roads, with people gathered in groups to watch.

Title – This sport calls for A.1. physical fitness

Cyclists come round a corner lined with black and white checkerboard hoardings. Groups of people, including lots of children, stand in front of their houses to watch the race. Schoolboys with bikes watch cyclists ascend a hill and then whizz past along the road.

Title – The chequered flag for the winner

A cyclist freewheels through the finish line, past crowds of spectators, and then wheels his bicycle into a nearby field. More riders cross the finish line.

Title – Second man home…

A young man in a cycling jersey emblazoned ‘SBRC’ smiles at the camera.

Title – …And the legs that put him there

The muscled legs of a group of cyclists are seen standing together.

Title – Thirsty work

One cyclist takes the lid off his water bottle and pours the contents over his head.

Title – The winner and third fastest man

Two young men in cycling kit lean against a car.

Title – The sport of kings

At a racecourse, horses are seen on the track and the stands are full of people. Spectators stroll around the viewing areas and horses are led to and from the stables.

Title – Gordon Richards champion jockey

A jockey is seen walking towards his horse and then riding out onto the track. Another jockey leaps onto his horse.

Title – The intelligence corps

A man in dark glasses makes hand gestures. Bookmakers stand by blackboards with details of the odds, making similar gestures. Horses race around the track.

Title – ‘Signification’ winning the 1952 Ebor handicap

Horses speed across the finish line and are then seen parading around a small enclosure. Groups of men stand and chat to the jockeys and another race begins.

Title – Leading in and unsaddling a winner

Horses are led into a paddock and their saddles are removed.

Title – Rowing – Sailing

Competitive rowing boats, including a coxed four and a single scull, are seen rowing along a river, probably the Cam. Other boats pass under the stone Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge and people punt down the river. 

A leaflet is shown, advertising the West Yorkshire Group Scramble at Booth House Farm, Denholme, on October 19th 1952. A row of bikes lines up for the start of a scrambles race, an off-road time trial. At the start, the riders run up to their bikes and speed off across a muddy cross-country track. Groups of spectators are grouped around small hillocks to watch the bikes go round the course. A bike is seen stationary after the race, covered in mud. More riders take to the track and one falls off his bike while going down a hill.

Title – Angling – The contemplative sport

A series of men, young and old, are seen fishing in rivers and streams. Two show their catch to the camera.

Title – The End