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Made by pupils of Newman School based in Rotherham - a special school for students with physical disabilities and medical conditions - this film captures a student science event called 'Liquid Science', held at 'Liquid' nightclub in Rotherham. Designed to engage school pupils with science using a fun and vibrant location, the event features students learning about sound, lifesaving procedures, drugs and health.

Title - Liquid Science February 2009.

The film opens with the Liquid Science graphic, with students explaining (via voiceover) that today students attended the Liquid nightclub, in Rotherham, to talk about science in a lively setting. Inside the nightclub, students are gathered round kneeling on mats, as an instructor sits at the front and gets them to shout out 'Help'.

Title - Liquid.

Exterior views capture the nightclub. Next, an interview with a senior member of the 'Liquid Science' group: He states that these events are to demonstrate to children how science and technology work, while a woman says it's exciting and fun, so hopefully it will inspire a future generation of scientists. Students are then taught how to resuscitation techniques by a paramedic.

A teacher then states that he is there to teach kids about the science of sound, using bongo drums to explain vibrations, amplitude, and frequency. There is then a short montage that shows another instructor showing students the principles behind a string telephone.

A group of young women, wearing exercise clothing, say that they are attending the event to teach to children to take care of their health. Their experiment involves getting students to take their heart rate before and after a dance session, and shots capture the activity. Shots then capture a woman in another room who talks about her activity station, where kids can come and be educated on the subject of drugs. The final sequence shows the event in full swing; students moving around the club and engaging with the various activities.

Title - Music. Dance. First Aid. Acoustics. Drugs. Image
manipulation. Sound Systems. Contemporary science