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YFA 3410



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This film contains footage of a tour around Linthwaite and shows many of the residents and the activities they get up to. The film was made by local schoolteacher and filmmaker Lucy Fairbank.

Title-With a cine camera up Causeway Side to Linthwaite Church.

The film opens film opens with shots of some of the residents who happily pose for the camera. One resident, A.L. Bamforth comes out of her house with a friend and smiles at the camera; then she is in the garden gathering flowers and talking to the camera.

There are shots from all around the village including the cars, buses and motorcycles that pass through. Two young girls stand outside a shop licking lolly pops and smiling at the camera.

Title- Sunday May 15th 1938. Linthwaite Church Anniversary.

A big crowd of altar boys and priests file out of the church gates followed by the parishioners. The film then changes to black and white and we see them walk down a country road up to another church where they enter via the graveyard. Many people have come out to watch them. The film then cuts back to colour and shows a family standing together. A man stands in a garden with a baby; a little boy and girl dance around in a circle with another man.

Title-With a cine camera up the Clough to Blackmoorfoot.

This scene opens with a woman sitting outside sewing while two girls play beside her with a pram. An older girl cycles through the village in the direction of the camera; she smiles. This is followed by many shots of the residents of the area; they talk to the camera from their windows, doors and gates. A post man stops and poses for the camera and a group of children queue up at an old fashioned ice cream cart with a sign which reads `Bucci's'. A woman washes her stone steps before stopping to look at the camera and an older woman mows her lawn with a hand mower.

Title-The day's work ended.

A shot from the hill looking down onto the village shows a huge mill nestled in the valley; it is possibly owned by Mallison and Sons Ltd. A short sequence a crowd of men and women of all ages walking past the camera; they are probably heading home after work.

Title-June 26th Sport.

Men and women play tennis in tennis whites on outdoor courts; people surround the courts watching. The following shots are of men and then women playing lawn bowls. Then there are shots of them all dancing and forming an arch with their hands as other couples dance under their arms.

Title-Sunday June 27th Linthwaite Sing Sunday.
In the final scene the villagers have gathered together in a field. A band plays in the middle of the crowd and a conductor conducts a big choir. Many people sit and stand around to listen. The final shot is of a priest speaking to the crowd and getting a round of applause.

Title-The End.