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This film contains a documentary about the Lindley Engineering company. It shows potential customers the different types of manufacturing that they do. It is narrated by Tony Lindley. This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection which spans the period from 1920 until 2009. The collection includes films with many different topics including industrial documentaries, local events, educational and amateur titles and some of the Wood family home movies. The majority of the films were made by Harold Wood and his son David Wood who were both involved in the running of the film and photography company C.H. Wood.

Title-Lindley (a logo)

A man is in a mine using a hand drill. A large tunnel saw cuts into the rock as it moves along; the rubble is moved out of the tunnel on a conveyor belt.

Another man drives a machine in the tunnel along some tracks. As he does this, various fire hydrants, electricity boxes and valves are visible and they have all been made by Lindley.

There are shots of a meeting in a boardroom and the narrator tells us that many of the Lindley family are employees of the company. In the next scene, two men stand beside a machine and look at blue prints. Then it cuts to the outside of the building which has `H. Lindley Ltd' over the door. Then there are shots of their products and manufacturing machines.

Men sit, working at computers, and the narrator mentions that a lot of the company's work is now done with modern computers.

A map of Britain comes up on screen, and a diagram shows the areas which are serviced by Lindley.

A man enters the departure door at the airport, and there is a shot of the plane taking off.

The narrator talks about the international nature of the company and its business and that they have customers in other countries.

Following this, there are shots of men outside talking; they are wearing hard hats, then there is a shot of some men in a dark building. Next are some shots of engineers working on their drawing boards. And in a work room, a man tests machinery with a type of scope.

A man works on a computer and inputs some data; he prints of the information and shows it to the camera. A man in another work room uses a computer attached to a machine to automatically sharpen and drill piece of metal.

There are shots of men in a work room with machinery, this is intercut with shots of different places, including the mine, with different objects which have been made by Lindley manufacturing.

A welder uses a machine to bend large sheets of metal and another welder attaches smaller sections of metal onto the larger pieces. The narrator talks about the construction of roadside bollards.

A man washes a van using a hose pipe. Then there is a shot of a man putting sections of a product together and the narrator tells us that it is the top of the hose pipe.

The final shot is of various `Lindley' products coming up on screen one-by-one and then the logo `Lindley' comes up on screen.

Title-A C.H. Wood Production.