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YFA 5754



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This film features a garden party for both the Zion Men and Ladies.  It also includes the Men’s supper night and Ladies Evening in 1936 and 1937.  Each group have their own entertainment for their evening.

The cameraman moves around the guests at a garden party.  Four women walk towards the camera.  People are chatting, both standing and seated.  Children try out different size bells displayed on a table, before a bell ringer gives a proper demonstration.

Title – Lindley Zion Men at Supper, February 28th. 1936.

A trio – piano, violin and cello – are playing at the supper.  The food is brought into the room on large plates and pans.  The room is full of men who are seated to eat the meal.  They eat and have tea and biscuits afterwards.  Two young men kiss, in the presence of the vicar.  They sit around in a circle and play a game that involves blowing up a bag and bursting it, followed by two of the men playing a game with sticks.

Title – Lindley Zion, Ladies Evening Party, October 12th. 1937.

The ladies are seated in rows in a room where they are doing needlework, laughing and joking.  One is cutting material, and they are joined by a girl. They then put on, and display, shiny dressing gowns, presumably what they had made, each holding up a card, and all having good fun.  Afterwards they sit around having tea and cake.  The room has lots of silver urns dotted around.  The film finishes with the ladies going up to get more material.