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YFA 5690



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This is one of several exceptional films made over a seven year period by Bill Davison of Selby Cine Club.  This fictional film follows a US ex-cavalry officer who is roaming the countryside, haunted by a terrible end for his wife and child, killed, apparently, by native Americans, and who himself meets a tragic end. 

Scorpio films presents:  Lillie
With Ron Amis, Joan Bradley
Production John Smith, Bill Bradley
Photographed and Directed by Bill Davison 

The film opens with the sun shining through the trees in a wood.  An elderly man in a cowboy hat is riding on horseback through the wood before stopping to set up camp for the night.  He lays out his bedding on the floor of the wood, leans his rifle up against a tree and makes a fire.  As the music becomes ominous, another man watches him through the trees from a distance.  He lights the fire, loads his six-shooter, and gets out his pipe.  As he does so he drops a locket.  He gets out his glasses and looks at the pictures in the locket of a woman and a girl.  He has a flashback of the woman, presumably his ex-wife, running through the woods.  He sees his younger self, in cavalry uniform with his wife at their timber home.  Their horse runs free.  He becomes emotional thinking of his daughter and her mother together.  She gives him the locket and he rides off in his uniform.  She watches him go, imagines them together and sites to read the Bible.  

The timber house is being attacked, seemingly by Native Americans – though no attackers can be seen, there are arrows and a tomahawk.  The house is burnt down with the woman inside.  He imagines the scene as he visits her grave.  Meanwhile the man watching in the woods creeps up behind him and attacks him from behind, killing him.  He takes his watch and money, leaving him for dead, but still clutching the locket.