Film ID:
YFA 2872



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This film captures a family's day out at Lightwater Valley Theme Park in Ripon.

The film begins with a brochure from the theme park as a title card. There are people walking around near the gardens and then a sign pointing the direction to the farm. Not much of the farm is scene except for different directional signs.

There are people of different ages riding around an open area on bicycles. Also, small children ride around a designated rink with small four-wheeled sitting scooters.

Next is the train area in which small trains are stationed and take people on tours around the park. Some of the tourists are walking around and looking at the trains.

Another feature of the park are the peddle boats in which there are people boating around the lake area. Also, a person dressed up as a pig character makes his way around the park talking to children and families.

One of the park tour trains passes by full of people as it tours around the park. Other rides which can be seen are a wooden horse carousel, a moonwalk (air filled bouncy walk), and small motor bikes for children to drive round the race course.

The film closes with different brief, scenic location shots from around the part before and end title.