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NEFA 18567



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A film made by the Northumberland County Fire Brigade in around 1968 as part of an exercise carried out with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) off the North East coast with the Blyth and Newbiggin lifeboats.

The film opens with a view of a fireman sitting at a control desk. He takes a call and presses a large button. A  fire engine comes out of the station and driving away.

The scene changes to a sign for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Blyth Station. A flare explodes inside an oil drum. The fire engine arrives. Firemen get out of the truck, and four of them lift a large pump from the engine and help load it onto the “RNLB Winston Churchill” lifeboat. The boat is launched and heads out to sea.

On a large grassed area two firemen and a fire officer stand by a red lorry with three large fire hoses resting against the side. The two firemen run away from a yellow RAF helicopter. Inside the helicopter the large pump is being held by two other men. The helicopter takes off and flies away.

General views from a quayside showing a small boat called the “Admiral Collingwood”. On board are three firemen wearing lifejackets. The boat pulls away from the quayside and heads out into the harbour. The firemen work a large pump onboard the boat.

In the distance, the Newbiggin Lifeboat. The RAF helicopter is now flying around the lifeboat RNLB Winston Churchill. The Newbiggin Lifeboat pulls up alongside the Winston Churchill. Onboard the Winston Churchill, firemen and lifeboat men are equipped with lifejackets. The helicopter lowers a number of large hoses on to the lifeboats, then a large pump.

The film ends with the Winston Churchill heading back to Blyth, where it is hauled back into the lifeboat station.