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NEFA 19741



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Amateur film that records the northern region Boys Brigade Life Boys holiday at a camp at Hawthorn Towers, County Durham, in the early 1930s. Activities that are shown include morning kit inspection, washing, prayers, eating, and sports. Hawthorn Towers was demolished in 1969.

The film opens with a general view of Hawthorn House and a shot of the water fountain.

Title: The Days Begin, Washing in the Courtyard, Inspection, Morning Service

A senior sounds the bell. The boys congregate in a field. The scene cuts to the boys' washing routine in a barn. Officers inspect boys, standing in line. The boys present their hands, knees, ears and back of their necks to be checked for cleanliness.

There is a high angle view of cliffs and beach.

Title: Here & There, Cookhouse, Leaders, Sports

The cook presents himself to camera. A line of women (probably Hawhorn House staff) carry food and drink from a barn for the boys' meal. The crowd of boys race towards camera. Various shots follow of the boys eating.

There are portrait shots of the Brigade leaders who are involved with the activities with the boys, including several women.

A general view of Hawthorn House shows the Boys Brigade tents pitched in the parkland.

Two women eat snacks and chat.

The boys are depicted in sprint, sack and obstacle races on a downhill stretch of grass. The boys dip their heads into tin baths of water for fruit as part of the obstacle race.

Title: Our President Comes To See Us, A Sing Song, and Evening Prayers

The President speaks to the Brigade. Panning shot of the large group of boys seated on the grass, senior Brigade leaders standing to rear. All take part in a sing song. A prayer service is held.

Title: Good-bye Hawthorn

The boys in full uniforms and with kit bags are crowded onto the platform at a railway station. As the train pulls away, a crowd of people (possibly including staff of Hawthorn House) are standing on the platform waving them off.

Title: The End