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YFA 3172



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This film is from the Hamilton collection and chronicles the adventures of a family dog named Fluff.

The film opens with shots of a small, white puppy running around on the carpet of a sitting room. A young woman picks the dog up and plays with it on her lap; she holds it up for the camera and smiles.

The next shot shows Fluff walking around a bird cage that has been left on the floor; the bird comes out of the cage and the dog tries to go over to the bird. The girl puts the dog up neat to the bird, and there are shots of the bird sitting on an ornament.

There is a brief shot of the puppy out on the road with someone and then shots of the young woman playing with the dog, which is now a bit bigger. She tries to get the dog to hold a child's soother in its mouth.

There are shots of a young man outside with the dog. The dog bites on his lead and the man swings him up high and around and around.

There is a sequence of shots with the dog having a bath, biting on the end of a pair of trousers and playing with a larger dog in a forest.

Three young woman play fight in the garden, ganging up on another woman, messing up her hair, and pulling at her tights until they tear.

Two of the women and a young man are at the beach with Fluff. The dog plays with a ball and there are shots of the three people posing for the camera with Fluff.

A woman sits on a sofa with a baby; she bounces the baby and smiles at the camera. Then in the next shot, the dog is also on the sofa and is bouncing around beside the child.

One of the men drives along a motorway in a truck. There are shots of the man and the motorway taken from the passenger side. There are some shots of Fluff sitting in the passenger seat and looking out the window. The final scene takes place at the beach where several men and women play in the water with the dog and pose for the camera.