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NEFA 21166



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A Tyne Tees Television news magazine feature, an entry in the 1967 Rank Awards for British Television News Film. The models are filmed in and around buildings by architects Ryder and Yates, Norgas House and the British Gas Engineering Research Station at Killingworth in North Tyneside, combining new modernist architecture with the latest 1960s fashions.

The opening shot shows the large windows of Norgas House at Killingworth. Office workers can be clearly seen through the windows.

The camera pans from left to right. In the distance across a lawn a model hangs on to her hat as she poses, because of the windy conditions.

From behind a nearby column a model poses for the camera. her outfit comprises of a pale coloured wide brimmed hat, similarly coloured jacket and shorts, with darker lace tied boots. The model does a brief dance for the camera. The wind is quite strong and blows her clothes and hair. A different angle shot shows the model in close up against the perspective of a row of pillars receding into the distance.

The model seen earlier across a lawn is shown from a closer viewpoint, posing near a tree sapling. She is wearing a pale coloured wide brimmed hat turned up at one side and an overcoat. She removes the overcoat which has a zip fastener to reveal a sleeved dress.

A close up follows of one of the columns which is covered in small tiles. A gloved hand on the texture of a woollen [?] overcoat is revealed. The camera pulls back showing the model with her hand on the column with her back towards the camera. She then poses for the camera showing off the back, front and sides of the coat. The camera pans right to left. A shot of a small white pyramid follows. This is a decorative structure within the vicinity of Norgas House, the neighbouring building seen in the distance is the British Gas Engineering Research Centre, which like the Norgas Building was designed by Newcastle architects Ryder and Yates. The film cuts to another exterior shot of Norgas House. The camera shot travels upwards to reveal the large windows and skyline of the office block.

The film then cuts to a close up of the face of a model lying on her back apparently asleep. She raises herself up and looks out of a window and waves. The camera cuts to a long shot where we see that the model is reclining on a bench type couch in office, presumably within Norgas House. An office desk is just behind her. The model moves from a reclining position to a sitting position, then gets up and poses in front of the office desk. Behind the desk another model, apparently on the phone, sits with her feet on the desk. The other model continues to pose in front of the desk showing off a flower patterned trouser suit. The model seated behind the desk is wearing a pale coloured costume. She takes her feet off the desk and puts the phone down. She swivels round on the seat. A change of camera angle as she now faces the camera. She gets up from the chair to reveal that she is modelling pale coloured shorts with a pale coloured sleeved top. The model then makes a flamboyant gesture towards a nearby table, as if like a magician, she is about to make something appear out of thin air. Suddenly a model appears on the table. She is wearing a sleeveless top in a pale colour with flared pale coloured trousers.

The film cuts to two other models dressed in polka dot outfits wearing straw boater type hats. They play with a reflection of themselves in a large plate glass window. The models then run up a short flight of stairs  and enter a clear glass lined corridor. They then each play with skipping ropes.

The film then cuts to another two models one at the foot of a flight of stairs the other at the top. They are both wearing similar pale coloured outfits, with wide brimmed hats. The model at the bottom of the stairs watches the other come down the stairs. This model who has just walked down stairs is wearing a dressing with a long row of buttons down the front The model at the foot of the stairs poses wearing and overcoat, which has a zip fastener down the front. They walk away from the camera around the side of the open staircase. The camera cuts to double glass doors clearly marked with the word 'Out' on each door. The two models go through these doors and another set beyond to exit the building. The doors close ending the film.