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NEFA 11668



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Tyne Tees Television library footage of picketing outside Easington Colliery in County Durham during the 1984 miners strike. Includes the demolition of a barricade that had been built across the colliery entrance.

The film opens with shots of a group of policemen in riot gear standing beside two white police vans parked in the road outside the entrance to Easington Colliery. Two colliery winding heads can be seen in the background.

A cordon of policemen in riot helmets surround the the entrance to the colliery. Behind them, inside the colliery, more policemen are standing behind a brick wall. A sign above the wall reads: "NCB Easington Colliery - North East Area".

Shot of the cameraman's foot.

A number of policemen stand on a path across from the colliery watching a group of picketing miners. Some of these men are standing in the street while others man a barricade that is blocking the entrance.

General view of the graffiti covering the NCB sign.

A white police car, a Ford Fiesta (Reg: VCN 553Y), swerves slowly around a crowd of men standing in the road.

A number of policemen in riot gear get out of two white police vans that are parked in a nearby street. A number of men walk towards the mine entrance; others stand around chatting. A group of men stand near to the mine entrance observed by the police. Four young boys sit on a wall in front of the colliery. 

A large gathering of men stand in the road in front of the colliery entrance. Surrounding them are a large number of policemen, some of whom are standing behind the brick wall. A policeman standing underneath the NCB sign films the crowd with a video camera.

Four mine workers in orange jump suits and white helmets start to clear away the barricade in front of the entrance. A fifth miner is driving a yellow digger [wheel loader]. Policemen watch the miners from the road. A number of men look out of the window of a wooden barrack building built just inside the entrance to the colliery. Another policeman can also be seen in riot gear standing beside the window.

The miners push over a small waggon that formed part of the barricade. The yellow digger drives along a road just inside the colliery with debris in its bucket. He is stopped by a man in a suit. The film ends showing five policemen standing at the entrance to the colliery.