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YFA 4677



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This film is made by pupils at Newman School, which is a special school for students with physical disabilities and medical conditions, based in Rotherham. This film is promotional film made by media students produced for a holiday resort in Costa Brava.

Title – Welcome to ‘Let’s go Costa Brava’.

The film opens with a group of female hotel staff posing for the camera, saying, ‘Let’s go Costa Brava’ in Spanish. There are then shots of some of the hotels outdoor spaces.

Title - Llagostera on the Costa Brava.

The filmmaker cuts back to the staff and one of them talks in Spanish. A shot shows the hotel canteen.

Title – Superb dining facilities.

Another shot featuring the staff speaking Spanish is followed by more views of the canteen and the students enjoying the food. Another member of staff says she likes "helping people discover the beauty of the Costa Brava", before another woman talks about her duties as manager.

Title – Website

There are then views of the facility which include the outdoor lounge area and dining room. Beside a busy street in the centre of Gerona, a student talks about his experience of the accommodation and the beautiful scenery. The filmmaker then returns to the accommodation, taking a sweeping view of the courtyard.

Title – Disabled access to all floors and facilities.

Boys sit around a computer.

Title – Computer Access.

Staff members are then captured cleaning a room.

Title – Housekeeping.

Shot of lavatory.

Title – Spacious bathrooms.

A student sits in on a sofa in the accommodation.

Title – Comfortable apartments.

A montage shows the traveling students playing cards at a table, having an alfresco meal and enjoying the outdoor pool.

Title – All you need for a fun holiday!

Title – So…Lets go Costa Brava!

The student interviewed on a street in Gerona then says, "If you don’t come (to Costa Brava) you’re missing out on a treat." There are then shots of traveling group exploring the city and old town.

Title – Treat Yourself.

The film concludes with shots of the students on the beach; swimming in the sea and playing beach tennis.

Title – Let’s go Costa Brava.