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This film was made as a promotional film for Leeds University and highlights the wide range of subject areas potential students can choose to study, the facilities the university provides, and aspects of student's social life including student halls and the University Union. The film also includes interviews with many of the University's current students.

The film opens with a stop-motion animation sequence filmed in black and white. In speeded up motion, a "professor" explores the University campus. The short film was part of a Television Society project made by the students.

Now in colour, there is external and internal footage of the library. Many students are using the library to study. Some students are sitting, studying in the park, and many of the University's buildings are shown, some old made of brick or stone, and the new with modern designs and made of concrete blocks.

Title - Leeds University Presents
Twenty Three Minutes

Inside the accommodation office, it is explained that all first year students are provided with on campus accommodation. The exteriors of the student halls are shown before in the interior of Boddington Hall, the largest at the University. Here, students are asked about the advantages of living in halls. The student's room is covered with posters, and there is a boom box on one of the tables. This is followed by footage of the dining hall, snooker room, other recreation areas, and the student bar. The other option is to live in student flats in a typical double room. Two male students give a tour of one of the flats. Their room is also covered with posters and adverts. The flats include a shared kitchen in which there are students cooking and eating.

Two female students are interviewed about the places they have lived throughout their time and university and some any of the problems they faced. Each of them enjoyed their first year accommodation and found it easier than having to find your own house or flat by the third year.

The president of the Student Union speaks about some of the social activities available to students. There is a disco which takes place, and elsewhere at the school, there are bulletin boards covered with adverts from different student societies. Outside the campus buildings, a society fair is taking place. This is followed by a political demonstration. Finally other facilities are shown such as the Laundromat and food store. The Student Union President also points out that the SU is for more than just entertainment, but can also offer advice on things like benefits or how to help change the educational structure of a course.

Inside a lecture theatre, a professor is teaching his students, writing something on one of the large blackboards at the front of the room. Students are expected to structure their own workloads, take notes, and buy books. Some of the students in the lecture are interviewed about the academic side of the University. The student population at Leeds University is beginning to be more diverse and can be seen by the ethnicities of the students in the class.

After a tour around campus, it is back to the library where the many floors and stacks of books are shown. There is also an exterior shot of the library at night with all its windows lit.

Various teaching methods available at the University are discussed. In a small group, a History Professor runs a tutorial about the Viking Age. Students also have the ability to take the lesson further on their own by using the audio-video equipment available. One student watches WWII archive newsreel footage at a video viewing station.

In one of the science labs, students perform experiments as part of a practical lesson. One of them is interviewed about the advantages of this sort of teaching method.

Combined degree schemes are also available, and this is visually demonstrated using a cartoon person wearing half outfits or accessories which would be associated with an area of study. For instance, if someone were to study art and physics, the cartoon would be wearing a white lab coat and holding a paintbrush. The film highlights the wide range of courses and flexibility available to the students. A male student is interviewed about his combined degree of English, Russian, and Roman studies.

In the next scene, a research professor speaks about his work on the islands near Borneo. Footage of him teaching in the classroom is intercut with his practical experience researching insects in the wilderness.

Moving away from academic life, the viewer is next informed that there are 555 pubs in the telephone directory. There is a montage of beermats which leads into a shot of a pub where a jazz band is playing. There are many different types of pubs to choose from including local pubs and bars and restaurants such as White Locks. Students can also stock up on food and drink at the local market, and many of the different market stalls, including the fish counters and vegetable stalls, are shown at Kirkgate Market.

Civil Engineering students take their work outside of the classroom and can be seen surveying the land. They use specialist equipment and binoculars. Their plans are then drawn up on blueprints which they review with their professor. There is also a shot of road construction and some of the improvements which they propose to make.

The University receives a number of visitors each year who are experts in their field of study. Students are invited to speak with them in an informal atmosphere.

This is followed by a montage of sporting footage highlighting some of the athletic teams which students can join including track and field, rugby, football, climbing, and dance.

At the Career Services, students are able to explore catalogues and sign up for interviews with visiting companies. The inside of the Career Services facilities are shown as well as an interview which takes place with one of the students. These interviews are usually followed by a visit to the company for the student to find out more about that particular career choice.

A man walks across a road, and in his hands, he carries a stuffed St. Bernard dog. The man is interviewed and explains that he did a fine arts and science degree, and with that education, he is now a scientific model-maker for a natural history museum. Some of his work is shown.

A female journalist explains that there are some jobs which graduates take not related to their degrees. Though she studied French at university, she went onto work for a newspaper in Sheffield. The journalist is being interviewed in a busy newsroom and explains the tasks involved in her job.

Back at the University, workmen are putting up scaffolding in order to construct a stage for an outdoor performance. Drama students are rehearsing inside before the big event. On the night of the performance, all the players are in costume on the outdoor stage, and there is a large audience gathered to watch.

The film ends with shots of Leeds city centre at night, encouraging the viewer to think about his future plans perhaps to attend the University.

Title - Produced by the Film Unit of the Audio Visual Service University of Leeds.