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YFA 4908



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This film was taken during the Leeds vs. Manchester United game on 27th August, 1966 at Elland Road and features Albert Johanneson and George Best.  The film captures the action of the football game from the side lines as well as a train journey the young filmmaker took with his girlfriend.

The stadium is full of spectators cheering on the footballers.  The film is being shot from behind the Leeds goal, and the goalie kicks the ball downfield.  A policeman stands watching he crowd, and there are a few teenage boys who are seated behind the goal, at the bottom of the stands.  The crowd wave scarves of the team colours as they cheer on the players.  Leeds scores a goal, and the players congratulate each other on the field. 

The policeman posted at the back of the goal pulls a young boy from the stands.  Shortly thereafter, other officers escort an older boy from the stands, and the younger boy appears to be upset.  There is more action on the field followed by a shot of a policeman patrolling the side lines.  A girl leans over the side of one of the stands, and there is more footage of the cheering crowd.

A short part of the game has been double exposed with images of train tracks.  The next part of the film was taken during a train journey.  The teenage girl is dressed in a leopard print coat.  She sits in the train cabin, staring out the window at the passing countryside.  There is more footage of the tracks and the girl gazing out the window.  She then eats a biscuit, somewhat seductively, playing up to the camera.  There is a shot down the train car walkway before the girl turns the camera on her boyfriend.  Dressed in a plaid blazer, he sits and reads 8mm Moviemaker Magazine.  He points out the window at the passing countryside and railroad tracks.  The girl is then filmed from different angles as she plays up for the camera and hides behind her coat.  The boy smiles for the camera and then jokingly enters the train cabin in a camp manner.  He eats a biscuit, and the film ends with more footage of the girl on the train.