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YFA 5779



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This film shows the journeys of some of the last trams to run in Leeds in 1959.

Opening Titles:
A G. B. H. Film
Leeds Trams

(Col.)  The film starts with a tram marked for Briggate.  The journey of the tram is filmed form on board, where the conductor is collecting fares.  The journey is filmed form the front of the tram, the rear and inside.  It passes other trams on its journey, with advertisements for Capston cigarettes and Littlewoods pools.  It passes a fire engine before passengers get off at the number 3 bus stop.  A van passes for “Bramley’s Steam laundry”.  

The tram then makes its way along the outskirts of Leeds towards the city centre.  A road sign reads, “All downward cars: Stop Here”.  The tram passes underneath a railway bridge with an advertising hoarding stating, “Appleyard for Wolsey”..  many more trams are seen, including one for the Corn Exchange, as are many green buses.

(B&W) More trams are seen in the city centre, still being filmed from on board a tram.  Finally, we see the journey of a tram lit up with electric lights in the evening, with “1894-1959” emblazoned in lights.

Title – The End