Film ID:
YFA 13



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Filmed during the early stages of cinema, this film captures Leeds Bridge and city centre near the turn of the 20th century. 

The film begins on Leeds Bridge.  There are a few boys standing together looking over the side of the bridge, while behind them many people make their way across.  Most of the traffic consists of horse-drawn carts or carriages, both passenger and freight, though there are many pedestrians as well.

The next scene is at a crossroads in the city centre.  The streets are quite crowded, and a policeman can be seen trying to direct some of the traffic.  The streets are full of different types of people using a variety of modes of transportation.  Specifically, visible are both horse-drawn carts as well as double-decker electric trams.  One of the trams stops nearby allowing its passengers to disembark using the back staircase. 

In a common filming technique of early cinema, the final portion of the film consists of a single shot phantom ride through the streets of Leeds on an electric tram.  Visible from the top of the tram are the city pavements filled with people.  There are many large buildings which line the sides of the street.  Most have large adverts on their sides including one for Yorkshire Relish and Cocoa.  For most of the journey, the tram has a relatively clear road ahead, though occasionally a pedestrian or cart does manage to quickly pass in front of it.  The tram makes its way across Leeds Bridge just before the end of the film.