Film ID:
YFA 568



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film features footage taken during the filmmaker's travel to Sefton.

The film opens with a dray horse and cart parked outside the Old White Bear pub. This is followed by a brief shot of flowers and a sunset before street scenes of Leeds city centre at night. The signs on the buildings are all it up, and traffic drives through the streets. Pedestrians can also be seen.

Next, the filmmaker drives along a windy country road during a cloudy day. This is followed by part of a programme filmed of the television of a man playing the harmonica.

The next section of the film features the filmmaker's cat who lounges on the couch at home. The black cat yawns, showing its sharp teeth for the camera.

Road sign - Sefton Church

There are images of the church, located in Sefton, Southport, taken from the car as it approaches. Then, a woman walks through the church gate, through the graveyard, and into the church. Inside the church, there are wooden pews and stained glass windows. There are close ups of the different ornaments around the alter and other decorations which have been laid out. Following this are more exterior shots of the church.

Sign - Hesketh Park

There are many birds in the park, ducks in the water, and peacocks roaming about. It is quite a scenic park, and the filmmaker also shoes some of the visitors as they make way along the pathway.

The next scene begins with a brief shot of a town centre followed by a biplane flying through the air. A motorboat with four passengers drives around the bay. There are also small sailboats.

A car approaches the city centre. The multilane road is full of traffic. The car continues through a tunnel which leads away from the city.

Sign - Borough of Shrewsbury A Medieval Town

There are shots of Shrewsbury and its medieval buildings including the Abbey which has a 14th Century Refectory Pulpit in its original position.

The film goes onto show a variety of flowers and insect wildlife in close up. Following this is a brief scene of a man is climbing possibly at Brimham Rocks before a car rally in which a number of vintage cars race around a track in the middle of a field. A crowd of spectators are gathered near the finish line.

The final section of the film includes footage of flowers shot I close up. This is followed by scenic views of Brimham rocks, and the film closes with a sunset.