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YFA 2848



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This film features many different steam engines at the Middletown Railway.

The film opens with a Leeds City sign and a train coming into the station. Steam engines can be seen, different types from various angles, and there are people waiting along the platform as the 'Evening Star' steam engine arrives into the station. Other named engines featured are the 'Green Avon' and the 'Scarborough Spa Express.'

One of the engineers can be seen loading wood into the fire to power the steam engines as the train begins it journey. The train tracks can be seen from the view of inside the train as well as a person riding a horse through the countryside quite near the tracks.

At Middleton Railway, there is a sign: Danish State Railways Nr 38 Built in 1985 by Hartman of Berlin Steam Power Trust of 65.

The interior of the railway cars is featured and engines with faces painted on their fronts can be seen pulling back and forth, in and out of the station.

[The Middleton Railway Museum's "Leeds Collection" aims to display and demonstrate a representative collection of Leeds built locomotives and stock to both enthusiasts and the general public. The Leeds locomotive industry developed from those early locomotives of 1812 right through to the high tech class 323 electric units currently working for Central Trains and First North Western.