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Taking its idea from the popular TV programme of the time, this is a film showing Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce doing some 'fix its' for members of St Philip's Centre in Leeds.

Title: 'Leeds Cine Club Presents: CHAMBER'LL FIX IT'

Against the background of the music from the TV programme, 'Jim'll fix it,' the film opens at the St Philip's Centre in Leeds where groups of physically handicapped children and young men are enjoying themselves playing cards, pool and table tennis. When asked what they would want to do, a group of them said, 'See Adam Ant.' So the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce had an idea to get in touch with Adam Ant's fan club to arrange for them to meet him. Outside the Queens Hall where Adam Ant is playing, a group of Adam Ant fans are queuing. Then, in a room - with a banner proclaiming 'Junior Chamber of Commerce Fixed It' on the wall - Adam Ant is answering questions from a group of people with disabilities. Among the questions are: 'Where did you get your name?', 'Who designs your clothes?', and 'How do you make your videos?'. This is being recorded and filmed by others, but this film only has some of his responses, accompanied by Adam Ant music in the background. A woman in a wheelchair presents to Adam Ant a portrait she has made of him. He presents Junior Chamber of Commerce Fix It medals to two young girls in wheelchairs and gives one of them a kiss. He then signs autographs before leaving.

At the Variety Club Sunshine Coach, it is the club's outing to see Cliff Richard. But next up is a 'fix it' for two brothers, the Youngs, to meet a couple of Formula One drivers at Oulton Park Race Circuit. John Foran, one of the drivers, puts a crash helmet on one of the boys in a wheelchair. Another one of the boys gets inside one of the Formula One cars. They eat in a tent next to the circuit, and the cars make their way onto the circuit. The boys watch them racing around the track before they too are presented with their medals.

The next fix it is at Elland Road, the home of Leeds United Football Club. Here they meet with players Trever Cherry and Kenny Burns, as well as manager Alan Clark.

Next, to the River Ouse where another member of the club is being given the chance to have his dream met of riding in a speedboat. A young lad is carried down to the boat and is joined by a young girl, whereupon they are whisked off for a thrilling ride seen from inside and outside the boat.

Lastly, some young lads get a trip around Harrogate in an army helicopter, which is seen taking off and arriving back. The film finishes with a clip from a speech being given in praise of the project.

The End